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Thursday, 30 June 2016


CarTime spent comparing car insurance quotes can be worthwhile as it helps a car owner find the most suitable policy for their own individual needs, circumstances and budget.

It can be a challenge to understand what to look for in a car insurance policy and how to compare the different options effectively. That’s why it’s’ worth contacting an insurer like RIAS to understand how your insurance could be tailored to you.


Tips on how to compare policies

Although price does factor into the decision over which insurer to take out a policy with, it’s more important to ensure that the insurance package provides the cover a motorist needs for their vehicle and lifestyle. The aim isn’t necessarily to identify the cheapest cover but to find the most cost-effective policy that meets someone’s requirements.

To compare policies in a worthwhile manner a motorist needs to provide as much accurate information as possible, from marital status and whether or not they are a homeowner to realistic annual mileages and any medical issues. Small details can have relatively significant effects on premiums, so entering accurate information means there will be far less chance of the quote increasing further down the line or a policy even being found invalid for any reason.


What to look for

  • Is a courtesy car provided and if so, what circumstances are covered, how long is the car provided for and is there an extra fee for this?
  • What excesses are stipulated? This means what amount will you as the insured driver be required to pay in the event of a claim? Also, what does the policy wording say regarding windscreen damage or accidental damage?
  • Are legal expenses and replacement key cover provided as part of the policy or are they listed as optional extras?
  • Is an annual mileage limit specified and if so, does it adequately cover the distance driven in a typical year?
  • Are personal belongings covered for damage or loss following theft, an accident or a fire? What level of cover is provided?
  • Does the policy offer to protect an existing no-claims discount (NCD) in the event of a claim?
  • What vehicle roadside recovery and rescue services are provided as part of the insurance?
  • Will any repairs needed to a vehicle be guaranteed by the insurer, providing they are carried out by an approved repairer?
  • Are electronic systems such as a sat nav, in-car entertainment and Bluetooth audio covered?
  • Following an accident, what is provided by way of onward travel, accommodation and advisory support?
  • Does the policy cover the car being driven abroad and if so, does it specify any specific length of time or any extra fee to pay?
  • If children or grandchildren travel in the vehicle on a fairly regular basis, does the insurance cover a child’s car seat?


By weighing up a car insurance policy and quote in line with the checklist above, you will be able to identify if they seem suitable for your vehicle and needs. Insurance can sometimes be tailored, though, so it’s always worth contacting RIAS for advice on its quotes.

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