• What can I expect at interview stage?

    We use a variety of methods to recruit across our range of businesses including interviews, psychometric testing, ability testing and assessment centres. The selection methods used will vary depending on the nature of the business, the individual role and skills required.

    Our recruitment process has been designed to get the best out of you and be fair to everyone. We very much believe that this is a two way process as making the right career choice is important.

    In all instances, selection methods will be fair and transparent and conducted by trained staff. We aim to respond to applicants in a timely and professional manner to ensure we keep all candidates fully updated with the progress of their application.

  • What do I need to bring with me?

    Proof of ID
    - Either a valid passport, or
    - Full Birth Certificate, accompanied by a photo driving license.

    Proof of address, dated within the last six months
    - Utility bill
    - Catalogue bill
    - Phone bill
    - Bank statement

    National Insurance number
    - NI card, payslip or tax document

  • Will you train me to do new things after I've started?

    Certainly. You'll be fully trained to do your job, everyone will help you to succeed, and we continue to develop people who wish to develop their careers at RIAS.

  • What checks do you carry out ?

    As you would expect, we need to ensure that we employ competent, honest and qualified people to run our successful business and we owe a duty of care to undertake the necessary checks of our staff at every level. RIAS takes financial crime, as well as the security of our customer information, very seriously and we will take every precaution to protect that information.

    Staff vetting reduces the risk of us employing inappropriate people into our business, so as part of our recruitment process, we undertake structured vetting of potential employees, during which various checks will be made on the information supplied to us by applicants.

    We also ensure that all employees have the right to work in the UK and therefore carry out the necessary checks in respect of identity and ‘right to work’. As part of the recruitment and hiring process we will check the following:

    • Basic financial check including CCJ and bankruptcy check
    • Identity check
    • Basic Criminal Record Bureau check
    • Employment history referencing of a minimum of two years employment history including any gaps in employment
    • Completion of medical questionnaire
    • Education history check

    We expect you to be honest with us and disclose any potential issue in respect of the checks at the time of providing personal information and of course, in all aspects of the vetting process we will treat you with dignity and respect.