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Funeral planning

At first thought, we know that funeral planning can seem overwhelming. It’s something many of us put off but, when we eventually get round to it, most people find the experience profoundly life-affirming. 

By taking control of our own funeral, we can sculpt the way friends and family remember our lives. Whether that’s specific music requests or a ‘no black’ dresscode, funeral planning allows you to put your mark on your exit, just as you do in life.

At RIAS, our tailor-made funeral planning packages allow you to easily arrange your own unique send-off, however you wish. And, with everything in hand, your friends and family don’t have to worry about the finer details or financial pressures. Everything is pre-planned, so all they need to do is pick up the phone when the time comes - giving them access to all the support they need.

Funeral planning should be straightforward and life-affirming. If you’re thinking about getting your funeral plans in order, our team will guide you through the process with professionalism and ease.

What does a funeral provider do?

A funeral service provider ensures that planning your send-off is seamless and hassle-free. They will guide you through all the decisions you need to make, including:

    • Whether to choose a burial or cremation
    • Which funeral director to use
    • Special requirements such as personal readings, hymns and dress codes

If you have a RIAS Over 50s Life Plan, your funeral arrangements will be handled by our partner, Dignity. That means you get the very best services, all at excellent value for money - including access to a bereavement helpline for your family.

Paying for your funeral

One of your biggest concerns about funeral arrangements will likely be the cost. But don’t worry - by planning your funeral, you can pay it off gradually according to your budget. By the time the plan is put into action, it will all be paid for without the worry of hidden bills for your family.

With our Over 50s Life Plan, we offer the option of Dignity payment plans spread over 12, 60 or 120 months, with no inflation and no extra charges. If the worst happens and you pass before the funeral is paid for, your family simply makes up the remainder. 

Life insurance and your funeral

Our RIAS Over 50s Life Plan gives you the option of funeral benefits through Dignity. As well as helping with the planning, your funeral will be fully paid for and you’ll also be given an extra 10% of the value of your life plan, free of charge. For more information, take a moment to look through our funeral benefit leaflet.

To discuss your funeral planning options, our team are on hand to answer your questions. Simply give our advisors a call on 0800 633 5124, or visit the Dignity website.