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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Protect your garden and outdoor spaces


Despite the UK’s less than predictable summer weather, homeowners are investing in their outside spaces and gardens like there’s no tomorrow - from high-end barbecues costing thousands of pounds, to posh sofas, hot tubs, smart sheds and fire pits. With more money being put into gardens, homeowners should be encouraged to check insurance covers for risks such as theft and accidental damage. As a general rule, if an item can be moved, assume it can be stolen.

Our top tips for making sure your outdoor spaces and property is covered:

It’s worth checking the policy limits for any individual items that are kept out in the open in the garden, but within the boundary of the property, particularly for items over £1,000 in value. Photographs and receipts are worth keeping on file should the worst happen and a claim needs to be made. Some items to keep in mind include:

  • Hot tubs and jacuzzis – If they are fixed to the ground or the property, they should be included within the buildings sum insured so that they are fully covered. Also make sure the policy wording is checked, as exclusions such as storm damage may apply to hot tub covers.
  • Garden plants – Cover for these is also worth looking at, particularly for keen gardeners. Bear in mind that mature shrubs are more expensive than young ones so it’s worth checking the going rate for a prized specimen at the local garden centre.
  • Your shed - our Cash in the Garden report found that the garden shed could have a value of £5,000 per household. That value is only likely to have increased with the emergence of the ‘garden room’ used as outside offices, games rooms, even home cinemas. Some insurers will include the same level of cover as they apply to the home, as long as the building is adequately secured, while others will have policy limits or exclude cover entirely. So again, it makes sense to check policy wording and ensure high value items are declared to reduce the risk of underinsurance.


With a rising number of creative solutions for outdoor spaces and fun garden accessories available, homeowners should seek the security and insurance advice so that if the worst did happen, you are fully protected.  

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