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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Ahead of their time

Lets all thank Patrick Stewart. For years, going bald marked the beginning of the end for most men’s glory days — doomed to a grim future of pricey scalp treatments, bad hairpieces, strategic hats and not driving in open-top sports cars.

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These days, thanks to dapper role models like Sir Patrick, going bald — by choice or otherwise — is a style option on par with going blond or grey, short or long, combed or curly. As far back as Biblical times, losing one’s hair was associated with losing some part of manhood — rather unfair, considering the entirely random genetic selection behind most male baldness.

The celebrity trend setters

In September 1987, however, Patrick Stewart took control of the Starship Enterprise for the first time, bringing an ice-cool and completely bald hero to the bridge. Since then, celebrities ranging from trendy young’uns such as Samuel L Jackson and Bruce Willis to sophisticated gentlemen like Sirs Sean Connery and Ben Kingsley have followed, shunning hats, hair transplants and hair pieces in favour of the bald look. These lock-free charmers have attracted an army of female admirers on the way — and showed a new generation that being bald can be cool.

An expert opinion

There will always be those who prefer to have a choice of hairstyles, and today there are a number of things men can do to slow down premature hair loss. As Philip Kingsley, the world’s leading trichologist, explains: “If it is male-pattern hair loss, which is often genetic, men can use Regaine, which sometimes helps a little and is available from pharmacies.” At Kingsley’s London and New York clinics he prescribes anti-androgen drops, applied directly to the scalp. Diet can also play a role, and a common cause of thinning hair is a lack of dietary protein. Kingsley says the most important meals for protein intake are breakfast and lunch. “First-class proteins you should eat for your hair are meat, fish, poultry, eggs and, to an extent, low-fat cottage cheese.” He adds that the energy to form hair cells diminishes four hours after eating a meal, so advises that men snack between meals to boost energy levels.

Why worry?

With a balding head no longer seen as a handicap, why go to all the trouble when you can be bald and proud?

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