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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Britain's most expensive houses

Houses across Britain can often be expensive with residents investing large sums of money in order to make them comfortable and attractive. Households incur a number of costs each month looking after their homes, but have you ever wondered what Britain’s most expensive houses are? We take a look at some of them below:

Park Place, Remenham, Oxen

A 300 year old, Grade-II listed property sold for an astonishing £140 million makes ParkCastle in a lake Place the most expensive home in Britain. The property was sold with a total of 200 acres of parkland as well as other related properties and structures such as cottages, stables, listed monuments and even a boat house.

The property has 30,000 square feet of living space and backs onto the River Thames, offering stunning views and idyllic surroundings. A number of original features, such as stone fireplaces and stained glass windows are still within the property, making it attractive and unique.

One Hyde Park, Knightsbridge

The One Hyde Park development is comprised of three retail units and 86 residential properties, which have starting prices of around £20 million. However, earlier in the year one of the residential flats sold for an astounding £136 million – making it the most expensive flat in Britain.

The three-storey penthouse flat spans 25,000 square feet and is complete with a wine cellar and access to room service from the Mandarin Orient Hotel, which neighbours the property.

Toprak Mansion, Bishops Avenue, North London

On a road nicknamed ‘Millionaires Row’ by the locals, stands a neo-classic mansion. With an estimated market value of £105 million after being sold for £50 million back in 2008, Toprak Mansion really lives up to the name of the exclusive and expensive area.

A 12 bedroom mansion that covers 28,000 square feet, Toprak Mansion contains an 80 ft long grand salon as well as a glass lift and a retractable helipad. With a garage large enough to accommodate 28 Rolls Royces this mansion is an impressive and stunning property.

Invest in home insurance

While we don’t all live in homes like those mentioned above, that doesn’t mean our houses aren’t expensive. The need for home repairs and improvements can often incur large costs, leaving us feeling like we too have some of the most expensive homes in Britain.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from the costs of damages and repairs is to invest in home insurance. Home insurance offers protection against external damage and the loss or damage to contents, providing that you select both buildings and contents cover. These products offer you annual protection for your home, meaning that you can enjoy looking at the expensive homes of others safe in the knowledge that yours will not be topping the list of ‘most expensive home repairs’ anytime soon.

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