Ways to Take Part in Clean Up the World Weekend Around Your Home

Friday, 16 September 2016

This weekend is officially Clean Up the World Weekend so why not get involved? This event happens on the third weekend in September every year, and has been running for over twenty years. It was started in 1989 by an Australian man called Ian Kiernan who was inspired to arrange a clean-up event at Sydney Harbour after taking part in an around the world yacht race and seeing first-hand how much rubbish and pollution is in the world’s oceans and seas.

At the first event in Sydney, 40,000 people took part and now more than 35 million people in over 130 countries take part in the Clean Up the World Weekend every year.

Making a difference in your home and garden

The theme for 2016’s event is ‘Our Place… Our Planet… Our Environment’ and people are being encouraged to improve the environment around where they live.

Here are some suggestions of ways you can do this:      

  • Become less wasteful – From turning off electrical items when we’re not using them to cutting down on the amount of water we use, there are lots of ways we can try to help the environment by making some small changes as we go about our daily lives.
  • Make some garden improvements – If you can, why not install a water butt to your down pipe so you can conserve rainwater for when your plants and grass need watering? If you want to encourage birds to visit your garden you could set up a bird Clean up the worldtable, bird bath and/or bird box. If you’ve always wanted a pond, maybe you could start digging one this weekend? Even a small pond can become a haven for frogs, insects and birds.
  • Declutter your home – We all have plenty of things in our homes we don’t use or want. Maybe now is the time to have a big sort out? Try to either recycle, sell or donate before binning anything. If you decide to sell some things, whether it’s via eBay, a selling page on Facebook, or at a car boot/table top sale, why not use the money you make to buy some trees, plants or other items for your garden?
  • Give your street some TLC – If your street is looking a bit unloved, why not spend an afternoon tidying it up? There might be some public land that needs mowing or weeding and it’s amazing the difference just picking up litter and sweeping up broken glass can make. Make sure you wear gloves and some sturdy shoes, especially if cleaning up glass. You might find that your neighbours want to lend you a hand. 

Although Clean Up the World Weekend is officially only one weekend a year, there’s no reason why you can’t try to make a difference to your environment more regularly. You could get in touch with your local councillor to try and see if there are any funds available to install a bird table or plants on your street’s public land. Even if there isn’t, your neighbours may be willing to chip in. 

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