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Friday, 14 October 2011

Holiday gadgets for over 50s

Whether you’re jetting off to Mexico, lounging in the South of France or taking a relaxing trip along the beautiful British coastline we’ve got a list of the latest gadgets and gizmos to make sure you have a stress free trip.

First off, if you’re planning a road trip, don’t forget to make sure you’ve got appropriate car insurance.
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Our top gadgets:
The journey

It’s time to pack and you don’t want to get hit by airline costs for excess baggage before you’ve even left the ground. Try investing in a Digital luggage scale to check your bags are within the weight limit before you jet off.

To make sure your bags arrive at the same place as you do, or at least find out where they are if they’ve gone missing, a tracking tag for your luggage could help re-unite you with your bags. Register your ID tag with Victorinox and one of their representatives will arrange for your bag to be delivered to you free of charge.

Under the sun

You can put the holiday sun to good use to charge mobiles and other electrical gadgets with a solar charger. This is a must for the eco-friendly, and can be a life saver if you find yourself miles from a power source.

The sun can be too much of a good thing, but if you keep a sun strength indicator handy you can avoid the times when the rays are most likely to turn you into a boiled lobster lookalike.

By the sea

Beach trips pose the problem of what to do with those valuable-but-useful things you’d rather keep with you. Thanks to waterproof mobiles, cameras and camcorders there’s no need to miss any golden photo opportunities, or important calls, even when you’re swimming. And the good news is that many of these gadgets are tougher than average, so they will survive the rigours of holidays without complaint.

AquaPac makes waterproof bags especially for phones and cameras of all sizes, which keep your gadgets safe and dry even when surfing. It’s also worth knowing that they also make bags for everything from conventional maps to ultra-modern ipads.

Out and about

The British summer is, of course, notoriously unpredictable and if you’re driving you’ll want to stay informed. The latest GPS systems will keep you updated with weather forecasts and road conditions that make it easier to plan ahead. You can tap into this with TomTom LIVE services, but Garmin and others offer similar benefits.

Learning the local lingo is part of the fun when you’re abroad. But fumbling with a phrasebook gets frustrating especially when you want to know what a road sign means! If you’ve got a smartphone the solution is as simple as pointing your handset’s camera at the words in question. The Word Lens ‘reads’ and instantly translates written language from its original form into English - right there on the screen.

For extra piece of mind, check with your home insurance provider to make sure these gadgets are covered under contents in your home contents insurance.


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