Monday, 01 August 2016

Parent Taxi Time

Parents are always joking about being a taxi service for their children. Whether through necessity or to ensure their safety, driving children to and from your home is normal for many parents and on average takes up 573 hours of your free time per year. From travelling to sports fixtures, friends’ houses, the shops and not to mention to and from school, that clocks up to over a year’s driving time from when your children are born to when they traditionally move out at 18.

Parent Taxi Time


Being a taxi service for a child is also experienced by many grandparents, with two thirds admitting they spend a large proportion of their free time ferrying grandchildren from place to place. A highly appreciated way of helping parents out during busy times, the grandparent taxi service runs for approximately 250 hours a year with a third of grandads saying they spend more time giving their grandchildren lifts than they did their own children when they were young. While it may be your responsibility as a parent or grandparents to provide this chauffeuring service, you’ll undoubtedly be left with a large amount of spare time on your hands once your offspring have moved out or have a car of their own.


So what exactly could you do during these new hours of freedom? Many may want to use that time to relax at home or spend more quality time with family- but there are more adventurous options too. There may be a few trips on your bucket list that you previously had no time to cross off such as visiting some historic landmarks, climbing up impressive mountains, completing popular walking routes or even driving to France and back for a long weekend. The options are endless and all will be a worthwhile way of whiling the hours away after the parents taxi is closed for business

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