Simple DIY Fixes to Refresh Your Home

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

It’s always nice to refresh your home as the seasons change. With the weather turning cooler, you’ll be spending more time indoors and having an attractive, relaxing and tidy home will slowly become more important. Sprucing up your home can feel like an unnecessary expense but there are many ways of achieving a brand new look without extensive renovation, a complete style overhaul or bringing in professionals. These simply DIY fixers below can be achieved by anyone and will go a long way in making your house feel like new again: 


Touch up any peeling paint or wall paper

Ignoring peeling walls and raggedy wall paper is easy to do but giving your house a quick Simple DIY Fixes to Refresh Your Homelick of paint will work wonders in making your interiors feel fresh and new. There’s no need to repaint the entire house if you’ve got your original paint stowed away in the shed or garage. If you don’t, take a piece of peeled paint with you to a hardware store like B&Q and use the colour match paint service to mix up the same shade of paint. For wall paper, simply buy some paste and stick down any peeling edges.


Make your bathroom sparkle

Having a shiny and neat bathroom is not only a much appreciated luxury for yourself but will also be admired by your guests. Scrub your bathtub until it looks brand new with a mixture of baking soda and cream of tartar in water, or use an old toothbrush, a microfiber cloth and some cleaning agent to rub away dirt and built up lime scale around taps. You can also use acidic lemon juice to remove lime scale- soak a cotton pad with it and place around your tap base for an hour for instant results.


Spruce up your cabinets and drawers

If your kitchen cabinets are looking a little drab or you’d like to add some character to your bedroom chest of drawers, why not spruce them up with some new handles? Available to affordably buy in DIY stores, home interior shops and online, screw-in handles in all colours and sizes will instantly uplift a piece of furniture without the need of paint, varnish or replacement.


Create a canopy bed in a guest or master bedroom out of curtain rods

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your master or guest bedroom without spending loads of money, try creating a canopy bed using curtains poles and curtains. Ask a family member to help you screw adjustable curtains rods to the ceiling around your bed, and then select some nice patterned or plain curtains in elegant fabrics to drape around the sides.


Reorder your bookshelf by colour of the spines

Make a feature of your book collection by putting them centre stage in a living room and ordering them by colour of the spines. This will create a rainbow along the wall that everyone will admire when they visit. You could also do this with cookbooks in a kitchen or books for the grandkids in a spare room when they come to visit for the weekend.


Paint your ceilings

A new trend in the interiors world, painting your ceilings can not only add fantastic detail to a room but could also make it feel larger and more spacious. With help from a family member or a professional painter, colour your ceilings in rich jewel tones for an injection of colour or paint them a light colour to give the room the appearance of higher ceilings.


Give your coffee table a new lease of life

If your old coffee table feels like it on its last legs, don’t go throwing it out just yet. With a lick of paint or a varnish and some cool new legs, it can be transformed into a new eye-catching and stylish design. Packs of table legs can be easily bought at homeware shops such as IKEA and Homebase, or online at Amazon or eBay.


Wall paper or paint wooden stairs

If you have a wooden staircase, make it a real talking point by decorating the vertical planks in glorious patterns and colours. Use chalk paint for an instant uplift of colour or opt for some amazing pattern wall paper. You could even match the tones to your existing décor so your home appears coordinated and neatly styled. 

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