Single? Here are the best holiday destinations for you!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Travelling, no matter what your age, is usually an experience done with friends or family. However even if you can’t find a travel companion to go with you, there’s really no need to give up on your dream of having an adventure abroad or closer to home in the UK. Travelling alone can be daunting for a number of reasons including personal safety, feeling lonely, becoming stressed and being unable to travel easily for long distances. Nevertheless, solo trips can also be once in a lifetime experiences and great opportunities to make new friends across the world.

Going on holiday as a single person over the age of 60 is becoming more and more common, with many tour operators offering specialised holidays for singletons. Whether you enjoy a week relaxing on the beach, a long weekend exploring historical sites or a month experiencing an adventure of a lifetime, it’s still all possible when travelling solo.

Going on holiday as a singleton doesn’t have to be about finding another partner. In fact, most organised holidays for solo travellers encompass large groups of ten or more meaning you will forge friendships and be in the company of a range of different people. Travelling solo when you’re older is very different to solo adventures in your twenties and thirties. At that age, backpacking around the world is more accessible and you are generally happier to stay at hostels and campsites where you are likely to meet likeminded people.

With an organised trip by a trusted tour operator such as Just You, Friendship Travel, One Traveller and Dragoman, you are cared for throughout your solo journey and offered help and advice in regards to accommodation, travel, sightseeing, cultural and language barriers, and any other holiday activities. With so many places in the world to visit, here are a few ideas that are easily accessible for the over- 60s solo traveller:

Over 60s holiday


A Singles Cruise- From the Canary Islands to the Caribbean, a singles cruise with a specialist company is an easy and accessible option for many. Saga is perhaps the most popular company to offer holidays specifically tailored to the over 50s and as well as having specific Singles Suites on board their ships, they also have activities such as lunches and meet-and-greets to allow solo travellers to become acquainted with fellow passengers.

A UK Staycation- Having a holiday closer to home can not only be more affordable but also safer for those unable to travel long distances or scared of travelling alone. From weekends punting in Cambridge to day trips in historic cities, an organised trip in the UK is a good option for nervous travellers that are new to holidaying alone.

Skiing in the Alps- Snow sports can be an exciting holiday option for those in good health. Travel to Austria and stay in a luxurious hotel for five nights, enjoying dinners and ski lessons with a group of other singles with Redpoint Holidays.

Cycling in European Cities- For those after a more active holiday, a cycling tour along the picturesque Danube River in Austria, through the beautiful countryside of Venice, or the streets of Germany with companies such as Wheel 2 Wheel holidays is ideal. You can even select the E-bike option which allows even the most inexperienced cyclist to travel around with ease.

Trekking up Kilimanjaro- A once in a lifetime experience is by no means out of reach for holiday makers over 60. Excursions to major adventure locations such as Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is possible for the older generation as well as solo travellers. There are multiple tour operators that organise trips up this peak, covering your travel, accommodation and trekking routes.

Volunteering at a festival- If arts and crafts or music are your preference over beaches, volunteering to work at a festival such as Glastonbury in Somerset is a great way of meeting other solo festival goers as well as saving money. Go on behalf of a charity and work on various tasks in exchange for free admission, staff campsites and facilities, and plenty of opportunities to make new friends.


If you are planning a solo trip, there are several things you should consider before setting off:         

  • Make sure you have the correct travel insurance policy for your trip, including any extra cover for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing or diving.

  • Ensure friends and family members know where you are going to be by giving them an itinerary of your trip and any relevant contact numbers.

  • Take all relevant documents and paper work with you in a folder and get someone to double check you have everything you need before you go.

  • Be aware of single supplements when booking accommodation. These are travel premiums put in place by many hoteliers and cruise operators that are supposed to cover the cost of a room that is usually of double occupancy. A single supplement can be between a 10-100% charge on top of the standard room rate however many tour operators catering to solo travels do not include these.

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