Twelfth Night Decluttering

Friday, 13 January 2017

Twelfth Night Decluttering

The 5th January has marked the end of the Christmas period since the Middle Ages. Twelve days after Christmas day, it’s a day that Christians have traditionally celebrated the wise men visiting baby Jesus. Many people today, however, consider it the deadline to have taken their decorations down by – or risk having bad luck in the year ahead.

To help you get 2017 off to a great start, here are some decluttering tips:

Organise your decorations

There’s no point packing away decorations that are tatty or broken, just bin them. If you Decluttering have some decorations you have no intention of using again, donate them to a charity shop. Sort through the decorations that you want to keep into different boxes depending on their colour scheme and/or type. If you pack your lights away carefully, you should be able to avoid having to detangle them again come December.

Donate unwanted toys

If your children or grandchildren are growing up and no longer play with the toys you have at your house, don’t just leave them in a corner gathering dust. If you want to donate them, community play groups are always looking for good quality toys or you could sell them on eBay or offer them on freecycle if you prefer.

Be ruthless when it comes to trinkets and clothing

Set aside some time to tackle each room in your home. Trying to do every room at once will be too challenging, but if you go from room to room you should find decluttering much easier. Have boxes (or bags) labelled as bin, donate, sell and recycle. Try not to spend too long considering what to do with items, just drop them into a box and move on. If you haven’t used something for six months, it’s often time for it to go. 

If you don’t like something but you’ve been hanging onto it because it was a present from someone, don’t feel guilty about donating or selling it. Most people have far too many items of clothing and footwear so it can be good to spend a whole afternoon sorting through your wardrobes. Why not take everything out and then put back only the items you love or have worn recently? Clothing that is in the wrong size or is dated needs to go and if something still has its labels on, you probably wouldn’t miss it! If you have several party dresses but only go out very occasionally you might want to keep only two or three and pack away or donate/sell the rest. Why not consider having a capsule wardrobe with thirty items you love?

Don’t have multiples

If you received a new piece of technology over Christmas that was an upgrade of a tablet, laptop, mobile or games console you already own, why not think of someone who would appreciate the old version? For instance, if you have a teenage grandchild at university, they might love a tablet or games console or a younger child might appreciate a laptop of their own so they can do their homework undisturbed. It certainly beats sticking it in a drawer, never to be used again.

Decluttering doesn’t need to be a chore, stick on the radio and have some fun. You might be able to raise some extra cash from the items you decide to sell and you should find that your home is much easier to keep clean and tidy once you’ve finished. Good luck! 

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