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Garden secure

Many homeowners in the UK cherish their gardens and pour considerable funds into improving and maintaining them each year. It’s easy to appreciate why, as modern life can be stressful, gardens present an ideal place in which to relax and feel closer to nature.

The natural elements

It’s understandable to feel protective over a garden you’ve spent a lot of time nurturing, but the good old British weather can cause considerable damage in a short space of time:

  • Strong winds blowing down fences, tree branches, and television aerials causing damage to your garden
  • Flooding ruining lawns
  • People and animals can also affect gardens in various harmful ways:
  • Thieves stealing expensive plants
  • Wild animals causing damage 


Reassurance and peace of mind

Damage to walls, gates, fences, hedges, patios, lawns and trellises isn’t usually covered under typical buildings or contents insurance policies and nor is theft of trees, shrubs or expensive plants, provided these are not covered by any other insurance. But these are exactly the situations that Garden Secure protects you against, up to the sum of £750, and with only a £50 excess. Basically, anything listed in the policy just needs to be owned by you and situated outside your home but within its boundaries.

Damage caused by the following is not, however, covered:

  • Domestic pets, birds or other animals
  • Frost, subsidence, landslip, heave, wear and tear or depreciation
  • Smoke, bonfires, light or atmospheric conditions
  • Insects, vermin, rot, mildew, fungus or poisoning
  • Malicious damage caused by you or your family or by a person lawfully allowed to be in your home.


Protect your garden

This optional home insurance upgrade is ideal for homeowners who are proud of their gardens and feel comforted that their much-loved outdoor space is well protected.

Find out more

For full details on what is and isn’t covered by RIAS’ Garden Secure insurance cover, please refer to our policy booklet.