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Children in car seats

Thursday, 30 January 2020

How to keep your kids entertained in the car

The prospect of a long journey with your children or grandchildren in the back of the car can be unnerving to say the least. How on earth are you going to keep them entertained? Thankfully, with a bit of planning - and a dash or inventiveness - you can keep the children entertained for hours.

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Classic cars in a row

Thursday, 12 December 2019

How to get into classic car restoration

If you have a passion for the most beautiful cars of yesteryear, you’re certainly not alone. But keeping these ageing masterpieces in good condition is no easy feat, and every classic car needs lots of care and attention to look its best - that’s where classic car restoration comes in.

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Red car carrying bicycles

Friday, 22 November 2019

Five most reliable family cars in the UK

When it’s time to choose your next family car, there's a lot to consider and reliability is also an important factor when it comes to car buying, so we've gone through the results of a WhatCar? survey to bring you the top five reliable cars in the UK.

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Cars parked in a row

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

How to keep your car in showroom condition

We know cars don’t stay shiny and new forever, but there’s plenty you can do to slow down the effects of wear and tear with the right know-how. We’ll run through some of the steps you can take to keep your car in tip-top condition.

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black 4x4 car on road

Friday, 01 November 2019

Six comfiest cars 2019

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a new car and, for most people, it ultimately comes down to lifestyle. Whether you want a car that’s easy to get in and out of, a comfortable seating arrangement, or a handful of gadgets, we’ve found the six comfiest cars to help you decide.

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Sunglasses and passport on map

Thursday, 10 October 2019

How to prepare for a perfect driving holiday abroad

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road, and that sense of adventure you get when you’re heading somewhere far and unfamiliar. No matter where you’re going, though, it’s very important you are prepared. If you’re not sure how to get started, we’re here to help.

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