How does Coronavirus (COVID-19) affect my travel insurance?

Before you plan a trip abroad, it’s important to understand the current risks in a country, including the latest COVID restrictions (including for entry), and you will need to follow FCDO Travel Advice, which varies a little depending on where you live in the UK.

The advice on foreign travel is still susceptible to change, we strongly recommend that you visit the FCDO website to check the up to date advice against your actual or potential travel plans before purchasing travel insurance.

You can leave the UK to travel internationally but you should check the latest guidance before you travel as restrictions are still subject to change.

There are restrictions in place on travel to some countries and what you can do when you are there. For example, you may need proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to travel to some countries.

Our policies will not provide any cover if the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) are advising against all (or all but essential) travel to your destination.

For the latest government guidance, please check below, depending on where you live.

Check latest guidance:

Northern Ireland 

Frequently asked questions

1. I am currently abroad and have been forced into quarantine, what cover is in place?

Policyholders overseas should refer to the FCDO travel advice page for the country they are visiting and plan accordingly.

Provided you did not travel to one of these areas after the FCO advice was issued, your Rias Travel policy insurance period will be automatically extended up to 30 days if you have to be held in quarantine.

2. I am looking to travel to an area where the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) have advised against all or all but essential travel. Will my cover be impacted?

Policyholders planning to travel should refer to the Foreign Office Coronavirus travel advice page, and also sign up to email alerts. 

If you travel after the FCDO advice was issued, you will not be covered by any part of your Rias Travel policy.  

You should contact your airline or tour operator to change your flights, obtain a refund or arrange an alternative holiday.

3. While abroad I have contracted Coronavirus (COVID-19) and am in need of medical help, am I covered?

As long as you have not travelled to a destination that the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advise against all or all but essential travel to, or whilst the FCDO or UK Government advise against all but essential travel from the UK, then there will be cover under the medical expenses section (subject to the normal terms and conditions).

We strongly recommend you visit the FCDO website for up to date advice concerning your travel plans.

4. I have contracted Coronavirus (COVID-19) before travelling and have to cancel a planned trip, am I covered?

If you purchased your policy and booked your trip prior to 17th March 2020, our travel policies will provide cover for unused travel and accommodation costs (which have not been or cannot be recovered from your travel provider or from anywhere else) if you become ill with Coronavirus before your trip and are confirmed as not medically fit to travel. For any policies purchased or future trips that were booked, after 17th March 2020, the only cover for anything related to Coronavirus is in respect of claims under the medical expenses section

In all cases you should first contact your airline or tour operator to change your flights, obtain a refund or arrange an alternative holiday.

5. I have an annual multi trip policy that I now cannot use because of the travel restrictions in place. However, I have a trip booked in the future. Should I cancel my policy now, and take one out nearer the time of the trip?

Your policy provides cover if you need to cancel your trip for reasons as outlined in your policy wording.  If you have a trip booked for a future date then you should not cancel your policy as this will mean you will no longer have cancellation cover for that trip. 

6. I have a single trip policy, my trip has been cancelled and is not taking place. Can I cancel my policy as I no longer need it?

If the trip has not taken place due to the travel restrictions currently in place, and provided you have not made a claim under the policy, and there are no claims pending to be made, then you can cancel your single trip policy and will receive a 50% refund in the premium (excluding any administration charges involved in the issuing or amending of the policy).

This page was last updated on 12th November 2020.