Travel insurance

One-off, single-trip travel insurance

We are withdrawing our RIAS Travel insurance product from the 25th August 2021. We will continue to provide cover for our existing travel customers and any claims which have been made or may be made before the policy expires will be treated as normal.

If you're heading abroad for a short break or holiday, our single trip travel insurance may be your best option. It gives you comprehensive travel cover, along with good value and a number of benefits for your peace of mind.

How our single-trip travel insurance works

Our single-trip travel insurance is designed to cover you for one-off breaks abroad, lasting up to 150 days. Planning a longer trip? Find out about our annual travel insurance policy.

Take out our single-trip travel insurance and you'll be covered for a number of travel scenarios including:

  • Replacement of lost money
  • Lost luggage
  • Travel delays and unavoidable cancellations*
  • Pre-existing medical conditions**


You can also take out cover in case your travel provider becomes insolvent in certain circumstances.

For more information about your travel insurance options, give us a call us on 0345 045 1320. You can also read our policy documents.

Travel insurance and cover for pre-existing medical conditions

The Rias travel insurance policy can provide cover for many pre-existing medical conditions. If cover is not available, or should you want to get more information about other Insurers who provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions, the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) has launched a travel insurance directory on its Money Advice Service website for people with serious pre-existing medical conditions. This primarily aims to:

  • Reduce the number of uninsured consumers, who currently face a choice of not travelling or risk having to pay significant costs, including medical bills abroad
  • Reduce the number of consumers with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions who may be overpaying for travel insurance

Please visit the Money Advice Service travel insurance directory for more information.

*Cover is not provided for any claim arising from a volcanic eruption (including volcanic ash being carried by the wind) earthquake or tsunami.

**Excludes pre-existing medical conditions unless ALL medical conditions are declared to us and accepted in writing by us.

†We will not pay for claims arising from the failure of any tour operator, travel agent or consolidator.