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Friday, 06 September 2013

I now have a contact in show business

Benjamin Bunny, the grey rabbit who lives in a spacious, desirable, two-storey one bedroom detached hutch with exclusive access to an enclosed run in my daughter’s I now have a contact in show businessgarden, has been having problems lately.

He is well used to staring-out the foxes who regularly visit the garden at night. In fact he only retires to the closed bit of his hutch when some saucy fox climbs on the roof of his run. So he’s no push-over.

But things changed with the arrival of Wallace, the Cockerpoo puppy. Wallace is a lively friendly dog and he would very much like to be friends with Benjamin Bunny. Regrettably, dogs don’t have access to internet dating sites, smart phones or an infallible chat-up line and in the absence of such, Wallace has gone about the quest for friendship the wrong way.

Grandpa WebbWhen he sees Benjamin in his run, perhaps quietly chewing on a piece of cabbage or something similar, he bounds up and stares at him. Benjamin usually takes no notice. So to attract his attention, Wallace begins careering at great speed round the hutch and run, until Benjamin eventually gets fed up and retires inside. Wallace wears his “What did I do wrong?” expression for a few seconds before going off to do something else.

This week Benjamin got his Big Break.

Mr Marvel, our local children’s entertainer, wanted to retire his existing rabbit, a six-year-old veteran of many hundreds of shows, and was seeking a younger replacement. His neighbour knew that Benjamin was looking for a new home away from Wallace.

An audition was arranged. Mr Marvel arrived at Benjamin’s house complete with his magic box. Question one was: would Benjamin fit in it? It turned out that he fitted it perfectly, and what’s more he seemed to quite like the box.

The box is in the shape of a little house which looks empty when the front door is first opened, but then, when the door is closed and opened a second time, there’s a rabbit inside! It’s the high point of the act.

I now have a contact in show businessWould Benjamin Bunny perform the trick? And would he let the children stroke him afterwards? Compared with staring out foxes and putting up with Wallace, this was a piece of cake. Benjamin, the most laid back of bunnies, willingly sat in the box and passed his audition.

He’s moving tomorrow. But he may not notice much change because he’s taking his existing spacious, desirable, two-storey one bedroom detached hutch and run with him. All that will change is the grass underneath – and that won’t last long. Oh, and Wallace won’t be there.

But in a time when jobs are scarce, he’s going to be employed. What a result!

And I can say I know somebody who is in show business…  

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