Terms of business


In this Terms of Business Agreement “we”, “us” and “our” means RIAS, a trading name of Ageas Retail Limited.
We are an intermediary acting on your behalf offering products and services from insurers to meet your requirements. We are registered in England and Wales No. 1324965 and our registered address is Ageas House, Hampshire Corporate Park, Templars Way, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO53 3YA.

Our Regulator

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) and our registration number is 312468. You can check this by calling the FCA Consumer Helpline on 0800 111 6768 or at the website www.fca.org.uk/register.


Ageas Retail Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ageas (UK) Limited and a sister company to Ageas Insurance Limited.


During the term of any insurance policy we will communicate with you in English.

Your agreement to these Terms of Business

In seeking insurance through us, you agree to the Terms of Business Agreement and to us acting as your agent. This does not affect your normal statutory rights.

About our service

We are committed to treating you fairly in all our dealings with you now and in the future and will perform our services with reasonable care and skill. Our service includes: arranging your insurance and processing any required changes that you may wish to make to your policy.If you speak to one of our advisers about taking out of, amendment to, renewal or cancellation of your policy then you will do so on an advised basis. This will include the provision of advice and recommendations where appropriate in order to ensure the insurance discussed is suitable for your needs. If you choose to take out, amend, renew or cancel your policy without speaking to one of our advisers (for example through our website) then you will do so on a non-advised basis.This means information will be provided in order for you to make an informed decision about insurance transactions undertaken by you. You agree to receive your policy documents including the Certificate of Motor Insurance (for car insurance customers) electronically, where appropriate to do so.

About the products we offer

We only offer home and car insurance products from a single insurer, Ageas Insurance Limited. We offer products from a range of insurers for our additional optional cover products.A list of insurers is available on request.

Important Information

It is important that you provide accurate information at all times to us. Please check your documents and if anything is incorrect you must contact us straight away. In addition,should any of your circumstances change or any information concerning your insurance change during the period of insurance, you must contact us straight away to advise of these changes. Failure to do this may mean your cover could be affected and you may not be able to claim. You should read and retain all the documents we have sent or may send you in the future. You should make sure the documents are accurate and contact us if the documents contain any errors. If you have any queries about your policy or do not understand it, please inform us immediately and we shall be pleased to assist you.


We will make a charge and these are detailed below. These are independent of any charges imposed by the insurer. If you cancel your policy within 14 days from the latter of either:


  • the start date of your policy; or
  • the date you receive your policy documents


We will charge you a proportion of your premium to reflect the time that you were covered under your policy plus an administration charge. If you cancel your policy after the 14 day period the administration charge will be higher. Please note in the event you should fail to provide any information requested by us or your insurer we may cancel your policy. We will write to you with our intention to do so. If you wish to cancel your insurance contract you should advise us of this in writing (and return all insurance documents) to Customer Services. You may also cancel your policy electronically by emailing us at the address shown on our letters with a statement to this effect. In the event that your policy is cancelled and there are unpaid monies; we may withhold any relevant documents until full payment is made and we reserve the right to refer the matter to a debt recovery agency to collect any unpaid monies owed to us.

Our Administration Charges

Fees/Charges Home Insurance Motor Insurance
Cancellations within 14 days £15 £15
Cancellations after 14 days £35 £50

Making changes to your policy

through one of our advisors

£15 £25

Making changes to your policy


Unpaid Direct Debit payments £12.50 £12.50
Direct Debit rejection charge £12.50 £12.50

Validity Period

Where we have provided a quotation via telephone or post, it is valid for 30 days from the date we gave the quotation but in any event not beyond the commencement date of the policy. Where we have provided a quotation online, our website is a real time live environment where rates change on a daily basis. Therefore rates are guaranteed only while you are live on the site.


We do not process claims for your insurer. When you tell us about a claim, we will need to take your name, address, policy number and enough detail about the claim so that your insurer can best decide how to process it. In these circumstances, we are acting as your agent. Full details of how to make a claim are included in your policy booklet. Please note that & your insurer shall have no responsibility in handling any claim if the incident date is after the date of a cancellation or the lapse or end date of your policy.


Should you wish to make a complaint about the service we have provided to you, please click here for more information.

Client Money

We act as an agent for the insurer for the collection of premiums and payment of premiums. This means that premiums are treated as being received by the insurer when received in our bank account and any premium refund is treated as received by you when it is actually paid over to you.

Automatic Renewal

Each year we may seek to automatically renew your insurance contract at the end of your 12 months policy period by using the information and payment details you originally supplied to us. We will write to you towards the end of this period providing appropriate information about the insurance contract in good time, to enable you to make an informed decision about your policy. This will also provide you with the opportunity before your renewal date to tell us if you do not wish to renew. Irrespective of whether you receive a renewal reminder, it remains your responsibility to ensure that your insurance is valid and in force.

Governing Law And Jurisdiction

This Terms of Business Agreement, and all quotations and policies that we obtain for you are subject to the law of England and Wales and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales unless your policy document states otherwise.