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Friday, 21 October 2011

Climate Change and Your Garden

As a nation, us Brits love our gardens. But could climate change have far-reaching consequences for the traditional pastime?

Each year, the seasons seem to fluctuate in increasingly unpredictable patterns. Mild winters and springtime snowstorms have all featured in recent years, but how much will climate change really affect your garden?

The common consensus among scientists is that Britain will gradually become hotter and drier during the summer months and milder and wetter during the winter. Spring is expected to arrive earlier (we’ve spotted daffodils in bloom in December), while summer is expected to last for longer.

The prospect of warmer temperatures may seem like good news, but the reality is that British gardens are best suited to ‘normal’ weather patterns typified by spring, summer, autumn and winter. With fluctuating temperatures and more extreme weather conditions, gardeners can expect their traditional lawns, bedding plants and vegetables to suffer.

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What problems will climate change cause for our gardens?

As the winters get milder and wetter, one of the biggest problems our gardens will face is the growing presence of pests and diseases which thrive in damp conditions. Water-logged roots may also affect our plants. During the longer, drier summers, traditional lawns will be more difficult to maintain, while plants will need more love and care with plenty of water.


Are there any advantages?

While climate change is expected to cause problems for British gardeners, there are some upsides to the warmer weather. Milder winters will protect frost-sensitive plants, while there will be more opportunity to grow tropical fruits including bananas and olives.


How should we be adapting to climate change?

The Royal Horticultural Society has some handy tips for gardeners to adapt to the changing climate. These include:


Protecting your garden with insurance

The changing climate is not the only threat to your garden. Garden theft is on the up, so it’s worth protecting your plants, furniture, tools and decorative features with a specialist insurance policy. Our RIAS Garden Secure policy protects your garden from theft, malicious and accidental damage, and damage caused by some extreme weather conditions. T&C's apply. Prices start at just £32 per year.  

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