Halloween Activities to Enjoy With the Grandkids

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Halloween is an exciting time of year, as it marks the run up to all things festive. The grandkids are bound to be feeling excited as spooky treats and costumes line the supermarket aisles, so why not spend a night in with them on Halloween to really make the most of the occasion? We’ve listed our top five things to do with your grandchildren on Halloween – they’re all you need for an evening of fun!


          1. Play the bobbing for apples game

This is a twist on the traditional Halloween activity that kids of all ages will enjoy. All you Bobbing for appleshave to do is float slices of apple in a washing up bowl filled with water and give each child one minute to try and get as many slices of apple as they can. The winner is the child who gets the most slices.

          2. Decorate your home

If you have crafty grandkids, they’ll enjoy making some bat and ghost decorations for you to hang in your windows and the good news is, you’ll only need some string, black card, white card and some felt tips. Simply cut out bat and ghost shapes from the card, get the kids to decorate and then hang using the string, so it looks like they’re flying. If you fancy making something fancier, there are plenty of great homemade decoration guides online that you can follow.

          3. Make toffee apples

This can be great fun and it only takes twenty minutes to prepare and make enough apples for your whole family. They should keep for two days so if you don’t manage to eat them all straight away, don’t worry. Here is a really simple recipe for you to follow, but please be aware that young kids will need to be supervised throughout:


8 apples

400g golden caster sugar

1 tbsp cider vinegar

4 tbsp golden syrup




Step 1: Take a large bowl and place your apples inside. Cover with boiling water for 5 minutes. Dry the apples off and remove their stalks before inserting a lolly stick into each one.


Step 2: Heat your sugar in a pan with 100ml water on a medium heat. Once the sugar has dissolved, add the syrup and vinegar. Stir well and allow to boil until the temperature on your thermometer reaches 150°C. Turn of the heat and stir until the bubbles have disappeared.


Step 3: Dip your apples into the toffee, one at a time. Twist them so that they get completely covered before placing them on a baking tray covered with greaseproof paper so they can cool.



Halloween Activities to Enjoy With the Grandkids

 4. Carve your own pumpkins

 You could have a mini competition between  yourselves to see who can carve the best pumpkin  or all work together as a team. Young kids could  design their pumpkins on paper and leave you to do  the hard work. If you can, rather than picking your  pumpkins up from a grocers or supermarket, why  not see if there are any local farms you can visit instead?

          5. Bake your own treats

Why not spend an afternoon in the kitchen baking Halloween biscuits and cakes? You could make a pumpkin cake, chocolate bat biscuits or frozen banana ghosts. For more great ideas, click here >

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