Preparing your home for guests

Monday, 08 August 2016

With the temperate weather and more free time on your hands, summer tends to be the ideal time for entertaining your family, close friends or other acquaintances. No matter what time of year it is though, it’s always important to prepare your home and garden for guests in order to make it feel organised, welcoming and attractive.

Although it may seem far away, it’s never too early to start thinking about your preparation for next summer. There are several things you can do if you’re having guests to stay for the evening, a weekend or a week, ranging from redecorating and cleaning through to adding in Preparing your home for guestssome subtle interior decorations. To help you out with your entertainment preparations, here are a few things you may want to consider:



There’s nothing worse than having guests trip or knock over your belongings while they are staying. Having an untidy home can also make guests feel unwelcome and like you haven’t made any effort for their visit. Tidy away your belongings in cupboards, the loft or other storage, or use your decluttering as an opportunity to go through your things and sell, bin or give anything you no longer need to charity.


Tidy Up the Garden

In summer, the weather will hopefully be warm and dry enough to do much of your entertaining outdoors. This means you will need to ensure your garden is in a fit state and attractive enough to want to spend long periods of time in. Do some basic weeding, prune unruly hedges, remove any rubbish, and always remember to cut the grass.


Consider Furniture

If there is normally only one or two of you living in your home, you may only have the bare minimum amount of furniture to suit your individual needs. When guests come round for a BBQ or a dinner party, you will need to consider where you are going to seat them. If you don’t have enough chairs to go round, consider buying some fold up chairs, borrowing some from friends or hiring some from a local restaurant or venue.


Keep Your Bathroom and Kitchen Well Stocked

Leaving your guests hungry is one of the worst things you can do so always make sure you kitchen is stocked with enough food and drink to last their visit. This not only includes meals but also plenty of snacks that you can bring out at different intervals. Ensure your bathroom is also stocked up with essentials like toilet paper, hand soap, fresh towels and other basic grooming products if they are staying overnight.


Designate Guest Areas

If you have more than one bathroom in your home, decide which one you will use as a guest bathroom and then make sure it is cleaned, tidied and well stocked. If your friends or family are staying overnight, allocate a guest bedroom and provide clean bed linen, spare blankets and plenty of pillows. You may also want to clear some drawer or wardrobe space if they are staying for more than a couple of nights.


Remove Any Hazards

If there are nails poking out the walls, slippery flooring, large objects or any broken appliances lying around your home, it would be sensible to remove them or store them elsewhere during your guests stay. This is particularly important if you have children coming to visit who may be running around and more susceptible to accidents.



Having a dingy poorly lit house is off-putting and at times even dangerous. Make sure to replace any broken lightbulbs, and ensure corridors and bedrooms have adequate lighting and lamps for your guests to use at night. You should also have good lighting outdoors such as fairy lights, lanterns or solar powered lamps.



You may adore your pampered pet but that doesn’t mean all your guests are animal lovers too. Pets can make your house smell and also look unclean. If you are having guests round, ensure you give your carpets and soft furnishings a thorough clean to rid them of any unsavoury odours. It may also be an idea to designate a specific area or room for your pet when visitors are around, or even ask a neighbour or friend to look after them for the duration.

Once you’ve got your home well and truly in order, all you need to prepare is the food and any last minute interior touches. Entertaining is not just for summer either; many of these factors will apply if you plan on having guests over during the autumn or festive periods. The most important thing to remember is that before your guests arrive, you should sit down and relax yourself so you can make the most of your entertaining.

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