The Great British Burn Off – Claims rise during hit show

Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Great British Bake Off has wrapped up for another year. The cake tins are stowed away, the mixing bowls are empty and the piping bags binned. And while many of you are sure to miss your sweet and delicious fix on a Wednesday evening, it might just be for the best.


Not everyone can be a star baker


There’s no doubt that Mary, Paul and their ever-growing alumni have inspired a new Claims rise during Bake Offgeneration of baking buffs. Last year alone, retail agency Summit reported a 214% increase in the sale of baking products during the show’s run. But unfortunately, like anything in life, we can’t all be great at it. Data collected during 2015’s hit series, eventually won by baking superstar Nadiya Hussain, showed a shocking 15% rise in accidental damage claims for cooker and oven incidents. With over 13 million of us tuning in and getting motivated to take to the kitchen each week, this is surely no coincidence.


Claims for these kind of incidents are nothing new though. Research showed that two in every five fire damage claims we dealt with throughout 2015 started in the kitchen, suggesting there’s more at stake than a dreaded soggy bottom. Nevertheless, it appears Bake-off-inspired amateurs may be behind the big peak seen in August and September.


Giving rise to more than just cakes


It’s not all bad news however. Overall, claims for accidental damage have been slashed by 58% since 2013; a huge fall. With GBBO concluding its 7th series, perhaps the show is self-raising a new class of kitchen-smart, attentive, star bakers after all.


Rob Hopkins, Head of Household Claims, said “We know that Mary Berry and the team inspire people to try new things in the kitchen, but our figures suggest that the Bake Off could be giving rise to more than new baking creations. We’ve seen claims rise during the weeks when the show’s on air – but also welcome that overall, accidental damage claims have fallen.”


“Our biggest concern, however, is the substantial number of fires that start in the kitchen, particularly as nearly a third of UK homes damaged by a fire don’t have a fire detector fitted. This is the simplest way to protect the home and family and we urge homeowners not just to get fire alarms fitted, but to test them at least once a month too.”


Stay safe with your showstopper


After eyeing up Candice’s gingerbread pub showstopper or Andrew’s philharmonic fondants, it’s only natural to want a go yourself. Just be sure to practice good kitchen safety. If you’re inexperienced, always try to keep an eye on your buns and baps, and for when you can’t, remember to test that smoke alarm just in case. 


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