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Tuesday, 06 March 2012

Grandparents and technology

We all know the stereotypes about older people struggling with mobile phones or asking their grandchildren for advice about using a laptop. But this is all changing.

According to, the over 50s are becoming the fastest growing group of internet users, with more and more using web cams and Skype to keep in touch with family and friends around the world. Facebook users are also getting older as parents and grandparents come online.
Couple on laptop
None of this is surprising, because technology is getting more and more user friendly. Mobiles, for instance, can be mini computers doing practically everything except making the tea, but alongside the flashier models, there are also plenty of easy to use handsets.

Thanks to motion sensitivity, games consoles are becoming more intuitive and no longer exclusively aimed at the young. With Nintendo Wii and Xbox you can play golf and tennis in your living room and if you have multiple consoles the whole family can join in.

Technology brings people together, teaches new skills and opens up a world of opportunities to explore. Just remember that whatever you buy, you should protect your new technology by including it in your home insurance.

Technology on the road

Technology is also influencing the over 50s on the road. More and more drivers are now relying on their satellite navigation systems rather than their road maps.

In fact, along with reliable car insurance, the majority of road users now rate satellite navigation systems as essential. Perhaps in the future sat navs will be doing the driving as well!

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