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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Active Gran voting results coming soon

We are proud to announce that we are partnering with Yours magazine again to launch the ‘Grandparent of the Year’ Awards for the second year running. The awards celebrate the value of grandmothers and grandfathers to UK families and recognise the important role they play, offering wisdom, experience, support and love.

We’ve been on the look out for an amazing ‘Active Gran’, and whittled the entries down to five finalists. Many thanks for your entries and nominations this year. Voting for the RIAS Grandparent of the Year 2012 has now closed and winners will be announced in November.

Gillian Jones of Whetstone, London

Nominated by Catherine Jones

Image of Gillian Jones

Gillian was nominated by her daughter Catherine for the dedication and hard work she has put in since the birth of her grandson, Freddie, six months ago. Catherine had to return to work after four months and Gillian has been crucial in providing the all-important childcare for Freddie. After caring for her grandson during the day, Gillian spends her evenings privately tutoring young children. She also holds a local Cub Pack meeting every Monday and gives up her weekends to organise fun activities and outings for the Cubs. As well as running the Cub Pack, Gillian also runs the local Sunday School, making fun resources and games for the children. The active work doesn’t stop there; Gillian also spends the winter months helping to cook for a homeless shelter!


Judith Webb of Meadowfield, Durham

Nominated by Deborah Nicholas

Image of Judith Webb

 Judith was always quiet and happy to follow in the footsteps of whichever activity her husband wanted to do. Tragically, Judith’s husband passed away four years ago and her family thought she might crumble. Judith’s family was proved wrong as she demonstrated just how strong she was. Judith was nominated by her daughter Deborah as she is always on hand to help her three daughters out by regularly looking after her seven grandchildren. She also organises a huge event each year to raise valuable funds for Cancer Research. Her family says she is a fantastic role model for younger family members and definitely lives her life to the full.


Elaine Bartley of Anglesey, Wales

Nominated by Storm Bartley

Image of Elaine Bartley

Elaine was nominated by her grandchildren, Storm and Joe, who have been living with their grandparents since 2009. Storm especially feels like her Nanna has done so much for her and her brother, and she deserves a reward for all of her hard work. Elaine puts in a huge amount of effort looking after her grandchildren and offers vital support and occasionally a shoulder to cry on! She is incredibly active for her 64 years and spends her time running around after the whole family.


Rachel Toner of Belfast

Nominated by Nicole Toner

Image of Rachel Toner

Rachel was nominated by her daughter, Nicole, as she has been there for her daughter and her 10 month old grandson, Levi, since he was born in 2011. Rachel provides hours of childcare for her grandson and also hours of fun! Rachel keeps active by singing and dancing and especially loves doing this with little Levi! Rachel’s grandson absolutely adores his Granny and the whole family feels Rachel is a safe pair of hands when looking after the family.


Sarah King of Harlow, Essex

Nominated by Jade King

Image of Sarah King

 Sarah is incredibly active and makes sure she walks everywhere. Sarah was nominated by her granddaughter Jade as even though she is 74 years old, Sarah has the mindset of a 20 year old! Her granddaughter Jade says that she makes more time for her Nan than she often does her own friends and she just loves spending time with her. As well as being a keen walker, Sarah also loves to cook – she is famous amongst her grandchildren for her roast dinners, who all see it as a real treat. She has spent her life being there for others and her grandchildren think it’s time that their Nan deserves a special treat!

Voting for the RIAS Grandparent of the Year 2012 has now closed and winners will be announced in November.



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