10 most unusual claims

Bizarre insurance claim stories have long been a source of material for comedians, but the reality is often stranger than fiction. At RIAS our customers have access to an award-winning claims service, who deal with claims as quickly as they can. Every year, they see thousands of claims from customers relating to damage to their property caused by all sorts of accidents. All the claims are dealt with seriously and professionally, though some tend to stand out more than others for their more unusual circumstances. It can be difficult to imagine some of the events that claimants describe, but even the strangest antics can result in significant and expensive damage.

Here are the top ten most interesting claims from the past year:


Dog & smashed TVSplash screen – In Slough a 3 year-old dog had his dream of a refreshing swim cut short when it turned out that the pool was in fact just a picture on a TV. Unfortunately, the dog didn’t realise this until he collided with the television, causing over £250 of damage.


His goose was cooked – Trying to cook a whole goose on a barbeque is not something many people have attempted, and a claimant in Enfield may have discovered a reason why. The goose was not only cooked, but the barbeque itself melted, causing over £1,300 of damage. 


Cat & laptop


An IT problem – Cats just can’t help themselves when it comes to being curious, as one cat owner from Milton Keynes found out when they left a cup of coffee and a computer unsupervised. Inevitably, the cup of coffee ended up all over the keyboard, and cat and owner both learned a valuable lesson.


Real life angry birds – A pigeon in Northampton was apparently trying to achieve a new high score when it catapulted a vase off a bathroom windowsill into the toilet. Cracking the toilet bowl to the tune of £193, and an unknown number of points for the pigeon.



The dragon’s wrath – In another pet related incident, a claimant from Belfast was busy cleaning the vivarium of their bearded dragon when the animal decided to retaliate by biting its owner. The bite caused the man to jump backwards causing some collateral damage to a television to the tune of £400.


Two for joy? – Magpies can also cause trouble, as was the case with a pair battling in Kilmarnock. £440 worth of damage was inflicted on a conservatory when their battle caused them to crash through it.


An unwelcome guest – Brushing your teeth is usually a fairly peaceful act, but introducing a wasp into the mix is a recipe for disaster. Thankfully for the Rochester resident whose morning ablutions were interrupted, the only serious damage was to the sink, caused by the glass he knocked over while trying to shoo the wasp away. 


Laptop & coffee


Pavlov’s Dog – Many dog owners will be familiar with their pet’s enthusiastic reaction to the sound of the doorbell. A man from Carlisle was reminded of this when sat with a cup of tea and a laptop on his knees, which his dog decided to use as a springboard. A spilled cup of tea and £470 of broken computer were left in its wake.


A shoe-in – Children are another common source of accidental damage around the home, as a Motherwell resident discovered. One of the little darlings decided to launch a shoe at their sibling, but the shoe ended up in the television.


Cat fight

Feline showdown – Two cats with a score to settle ended up using a Norwich resident’s living room as their arena. The ensuing battle resulted in a broken television and £380 worth of damage, but no word on who emerged victorious.


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