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Why have a Pre MOT?

According to a recent survey*, 75% of drivers who are looking to buy a used car check its MOT history first. Of those drivers, 78% are more likely to buy the car if it has a ‘clean’ MOT history.

What's more, you can avoid 3 of the 5 most common MOT failures (Lights, Tyres and Visibility) with a simple visual check. So, why do so many drivers settle for dealing with an MOT failure rather than preventing it in the first place?

Don’t chance an unnecessary MOT failure, get your car checked over first. That way, you increase the likelihood of your vehicle passing the test.

Please be aware that a pre MOT check will not guarantee that your car will pass the MOT inspection. The technician can only complete the visual inspections during this check, so your car may still fail on faults related to emissions or any areas which require the use of the ramp.

What is a Pre MOT check?

A pre MOT check is a thorough visual inspection of your car before your MOT. A technician will complete all the visual checks included in an MOT to find any faults your car may have. If any issues are found, you then have the opportunity to have them resolved before your actual MOT is due. This will increase your likelihood of a first-time pass.

How much does a Pre MOT check cost?

The pre MOT check normally costs £10, but with our offer it’s free~. An important condition of the offer is that you must book the pre MOT and MOT test appointments together with the same garage. The appointments themselves do not have to be on the same day.

Pre MOT Checklist - what’s included

Seats & seatbelts Warning lights Essential switch operation Marks on front screen Operation of wipers & washers
Operation of brake controls

Steering wheel condition

Visual check of the steering column Operation of doors Operation of mirrors
Operation of horn Condition of number plate Operation of number plate lights Condition of wiper blades Fuel tank cap sealed correctly
Operation of boot lid Operation of bonnet Visual check of towbar (if fitted)

General condition of bodywork

Any MOT failures on the wheels
Tyre tread depth & visual check of external wall condition Visual check of brake pads (no wheel removal) Visual check of suspension & dampers components Visual check of steering components Visual check of fuel system components

Benefits of the Pre MOT check

When you complete a pre MOT check alongside your MOT test, you get a range of benefits:

    • Peace of mind

If you’re worried that your car will fail its MOT, a pre MOT check helps to alleviate some of these concerns. Even if you have confidence in your car, this check will ensure that you avoid an unnecessary failure due to a problem that's easy to spot and fix.

    • Repairs on your terms

If your car fails its MOT you may not be able to drive it to another garage to get the issues fixed. Not being able to shop around for quotes or having no choice in which garage performs the work can often result in higher repair bills.

    • Increased likelihood of MOT pass

Finding and fixing any faults before your MOT means that your car is more likely to pass. While your car may still fail as a pre MOT Check doesn’t include the emissions test or any checks involving a ramp, it does help to reduce the risk of it doing so.

    • Increased chance of selling your vehicle for true value

If your car has a ‘clean’ MOT history, you may not want to break that track record to ruin that with an unnecessary failure. As over 75% of UK drivers consider the MOT history when they buy a car, a good MOT record worth keeping if possible. This is because it demonstrates to potential buyers that you have taken good care of the car. Consistent failures could hurt your chances of an easy sale, as well as achieving its true value.

A pre MOT Check increases the likelihood of preserving the quality of your car’s MOT history and gives buyers the confidence they need.

Why would I not just do it myself?

Booking a pre MOT check at a garage near you helps you avoid this hassle. They complete the visual inspection directly before the MOT, so any issues can be fixed before the official inspection.

What’s more, getting a professional to do these checks for you means you don’t need to know the ins and outs of the MOT test. If you don’t know exactly what the pass and fail marks are for certain visual checks, you may wrongly assume that your car is fit to pass.

* a survey carried out by The Motorists Organisation Ltd, with 2,000 respondents from October 20th – 25th 2021.

~ The free Pre MOT offer is subject to our T&C’s found here

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