Car Insurance

Excess protection from only £29.50 a year

If you have an accident in your car, we want to make sure you don't have to pay out unnecessarily. That’s why we've introduced optional excess protection to our car insurance. It's designed to cover you if the cost of your excess, up to £500, isn't covered by a third party, for up to two claims a year. 

Why choose excess protection?

If you make a claim, you have to pay towards your insurance claim. So, for example, if you make a successful insurance claim of £500 and you have a £100 excess, you'd pay the first £100 and your insurer would cover the remaining £400.

With our excess protection, you'll have the chance to recover your excess, up to £500, meaning you won’t be out of pocket if you have to claim. Plus, your excess will be covered in a number of situations when you can't claim from the third party, including:

  • If the third party has driven off and you haven't got their details
  • If the third party is uninsured and you haven’t got their details
  • If the car has been stolen
  • If the accident was your fault.

You'll find full details of our car insurance excess protection in our car insurance policy booklet, including full terms and conditions.