Home insurance

Contents insurance

Your home is more than just a roof and four walls – it also houses all your precious possessions and memories.

Every possession is valuable – whether we rely on them to keep our lives running smoothly or simply to make us more comfortable. We understand the importance of your personal possessions. That's why we offer home contents insurance that gives you peace of mind your possessions will be repaired or replaced if they're stolen or damaged.

Our comprehensive and competitive premiums give you a range of benefits. Plus, we also offer buildings insurance, which can be taken out as a combined policy or separately from your home contents insurance policy.

Why choose our home contents insurance policy?

There are all sorts of benefits with our home contents insurance policy, including:

  • New for old replacement on stolen or damaged items if they are beyond repair. 
  • Cover for accidental damage to electrical equipment, such as televisions, laptops, tablets and computers*
  • Cover for damage to food in your refrigerator or deep freezer caused by a rise or fall in temperature, up to the value of £1,000 as standard.**

Are there any optional extras?

You can also take out a number of optional extras with your home contents insurance. They're available for an additional premium and include: 

  • Extended accidental damage cover, for example spilling red wine on your carpet
  • Cover for high-risk items worth more than £1,500, such as jewellery, watches and artwork
  • Cover for bicycles when they're padlocked to an immovable object, up to £5,000.


Terms and conditions apply. You can find full details in our policy documents.

*Key exclusions include damage due to misuse, wear and tear, cleaning, breakdown, scratching and denting; and excludes items such as CDs or records.

**Key exclusions include damage caused by your power supply being cut off by the supply authority, a strike, lock-out or an industrial dispute or something you or your family do deliberately. Excludes food beyond the date it can be safely eaten.