Ageas Insurance Limited and Ageas Retail Limited (trading as “Rias”) (collectively “Ageas”, “we”, “us” or “our”) are working with Leakbot Limited (“Leakbot”) to trial Leakbot’s smart leak detection device (“Leak Detector”).

1. As a Rias customer, we are offering you the chance to receive a free Leak Detector which will come with a 12-month subscription to Leakbot’s mobile app (“Leakbot App”), and leak location and repair service (“Leakbot Repair Service”), both provided at no cost to you.

2. There is a limit of only one free Leak Detector per household and the offer is non-exchangeable, non-transferable (i.e., you cannot give the device to anyone else) and no cash alternative is offered.

3. You will need:

A smartphone which must be capable of downloading the Leakbot App.

Wi-Fi and internet access at your property so that the Leak Detector can send updates to the Leakbot App, and you can receive leak alerts and access the Leakbot App.

4. In order to take advantage of this offer:

You will need to click the link in the email we sent you, which will take you to Leakbot’s dedicated website.

You will be prompted to complete and submit Leakbot’s application form, which will be sent to Leakbot to arrange for the Leak Detector to be sent out in the post to you (at no cost to you) in accordance with Leakbot’s leak detection device supply terms and condition (“Leakbot’s Supply Terms”), which will be made available to you by Leakbot at the point of application.
NB: You will be notified by Leakbot, when you click through to apply, whether there are any free Leak Detectors left to claim.

5. The Leak Detector and subscription to the Leakbot App and Leakbot Repair Services will be provided by Leakbot and not by Ageas. Leakbot will be solely responsible for all activity relating to your Leakbot trial including, without limitation, sending out and assisting with the setup of the Leak Detector, conducting ongoing monitoring of the activity recorded by the Leak Detector, sending leak alerts if a potential leak is detected and arranging for an engineer to find and fix the leak (if necessary).

6. By ordering a free Leak Detector, you will be entering into a contract with Leakbot, and you will be required to agree to Leakbot’s Supply Terms.

7. Please note that, as this is a free 12-month trial, any terms relating to payment or refunds within Leakbot’s Supply Terms or Leakbot’s leak location and repair service terms and conditions (“Leakbot Repair Terms”), will not be applicable to you during the 12-month trial period.

8. If you are one of the lucky applicants, on receipt of the Leak Detector from Leakbot, you will need to install the Leak Detector, download the Leakbot App (if you haven’t already done so) and set up and register the Leak Detector in the Leakbot App, to get started.

9. The Leak Detector is a self-installed device. Leakbot will provide you with instructions on how to set up and register the Leak Detector and will provide support, if required. For the Leak Detector to successfully detect water leaks, you must ensure the device is installed correctly in line with Leakbot’s instructions and the installation criteria set out in Leakbot’s Supply Terms.

10. You will have up to 28 days from the date your Leak Detector is dispatched to install and register the Leak Detector. After this time the Leak Detector will be deactivated. Leakbot will send you reminders to install during this period.

11. The Leak Detector will be supplied with two AA batteries, but you will be responsible for replacing these (at your own cost) if they need to be replaced during the free 12-month trial period.

12. The Leak Detector will become yours to own providing you install the Leak Detector and the free subscription for the Leakbot App and Leakbot Repair Service is for a limited period of 12-months from the date that you complete set up of the Leak Detector in the Leakbot App.

13. Leakbot will share data that it collects about you and your Leak Detector, including data collected by your Leak Detector, with Ageas during your 12-month trial so that Ageas can use this to monitor and assess how the trial is going.

14. Ageas will notify Leakbot (using the Leakbot ID relevant to you) if you cancel your Rias Home Insurance policy or your Rias Home Insurance policy lapses. Please note that should your Rias Home Insurance policy be cancelled or lapse during the 12-month trial, you will continue to benefit from the Leakbot App and Leakbot Repair Service for the remainder of the trial period.



15. Your Rias Home Insurance policy covers damage caused to your property by a water leak, but it does not include cover for the costs of fixing a leak (i.e., a plumber’s call out and/or service charges), nor does it provide access to a network of plumbers to fix a leak.

However, the Leakbot Repair Service that comes with your Leak Detector, will provide this at no cost to you, for the duration of your 12-month trial period.

16. If you receive a leak alert from Leakbot about a potential water leak during the 12-month trial period, you can contact Leakbot to arrange for one of their engineers to visit your home to locate and (if necessary) fix the leak (at no cost to you). This service will be subject to Leakbot’s Repair Terms, which will be provided to you by Leakbot when you contact them to arrange an engineer visit.

17. If direct access to locate and/or fix a leak is not available, for instance there is a wall, tiles or floorboards in the way, the Leakbot engineer will need to create access but will only do so if you confirm your agreement in writing. The Leakbot engineer will fill any holes and leave the surface level but will not carry out any reinstatement works or repairs to walls, floors or ceilings (such as replacing tiles, replastering or redecorating) to restore your home to the condition it was in prior to the leak, as part of the Leakbot Repair Service. This will be your responsibility.

18. If the leak has caused water damage to your property, the damage will (subject to any policy terms and conditions) be covered by your Rias Home Insurance policy. You can report a claim by calling our claims team on 0345 122 3281.

19. The trace and access cover (“Trace and Access Cover”) under your Rias Home Insurance policy only covers the cost to locate a leak including cost of repairs to walls, floors and ceilings, if the building has been damaged by the leaking water. This means that where a leak is located and fixed by the Leakbot engineer but has not resulted in any water damage to the building itself, you would not be covered under your Rias Home Insurance policy.

However, as an additional benefit of this trial, where a Leakbot engineer has located and fixed a leak in your home following an alert from the Leak Detector, during your 12-month trial period:

• we will pay any claims made under the Trace and Access Cover (up to the cover limits, and subject to any exclusions, stated in your policy booklet) in respect of any repairs to walls, floors and ceilings resulting from the location and fix of the leak by Leakbot, regardless of whether there was any resultant water damage to the building, providing you remain a Rias policyholder;

• we will waive your policy excess in respect of any such claim; and

• any such claim made during your 12-month trial period, will not impact your home insurance No Claims Discount.

The above sets out a change to your Rias Home Insurance policy terms and conditions and is only applicable for your 12-month trial period. After your trial period has ended, this policy change will fall away, and the standard Rias Home Insurance policy terms will apply.

20. The change to the terms of your Trace and Access Cover detailed in paragraph 19 above, will only be applicable whilst you have a Rias Home Insurance policy. Should you cancel, or choose not to renew, your Rias Home Insurance policy at any point during the 12-month trial period, you will continue to receive access to the Leakbot App and the Leakbot Repair Service from Leakbot (at no cost to you) for the remainder of the 12-month trial period, but you will not be entitled to make a claim with us for any repairs or reinstatement costs that may be required once your Rias policy has ended.

21. When contacting us to make a claim for repairs to your property under your Rias Home Insurance policy following a location and repair visit from a Leakbot engineer, you must inform the claims handler that you have a free Leak Detector installed.

22. Prior to the end of your free 12-month trial period, we will contact you to remind you that the trial is coming to an end, and we may ask you to provide feedback on your experience of the trial and the Leakbot services.

23. Leakbot will also be in touch with you directly to explain how you can continue your subscription to Leakbot and the costs involved, but there is no obligation on you to do so.

Should you have any questions about the Leakbot trial, please contact us at help@rias.co.uk or on 0800 183 9261. If your question is about the Leak Detector, the Leakbot App or the Leakbot Repair Services, please visit Leakbot’s website via https://leakbot.io/support or contact Leakbot at support@leakbot.io.