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Easy DIY projects to transform your home

Summer is the perfect time to grab a paintbrush and tackle some jobs around your home and garden, to spruce things up before autumn begins to bite. To get you inspired, we’ve thought up some great DIY projects you can do by yourself, with your partner, or get the whole family involved.

Beach hut

Got a tired-looking shed? Transform it into a beach hut. You’ll need to sand it down, give it a good wash, and then it’ll be ready for a couple of coats of exterior paint. Whether you go all white, stripes in pastel shades or a bright and bold look, it’ll be the focus of your garden. Why not add a decorative anchor to the door or some shells at the base to finish the nautical theme?

Table runners and cushions

Repurposing projects are great, so why not have a root through your wardrobe and find some fabric you can turn into a table runner and matching cushions? Perhaps you’ve got a dress that you bought for a special occasion years ago that you don’t wear, or a set of curtains with a fancy trim that you’ve forgotten about. Transforming them is easy. All you need is a sewing machine and a YouTube how-to video to follow and you’re away.

Lace-effect vase

Bringing nature inside can add some much-needed colour to a room, boost oxygen levels and make you feel more positive. So why not see if you can make some vases with wow-factor to compliment your flowers? A lace-effect vase can be a welcome addition to any bedroom or lounge, and is really easy to make. Simply stick some lace to a vase, then spray paint in your chosen colour. Remove the lace once the paint is dry and voilà.

Colourful plant pots

You could also show some love to any plant pots you have on your windowsill or in your garden. Why not give the kids free reign to paint them in any colour or design they fancy? They could decorate some pebbles to look like ladybirds, bees or frogs, to brighten up your borders, too.

Revamped furniture

Do you have a worn-out piece of furniture that looks more shabby than chic? Give it a new lease of life by staining it or painting it in a different colour. You could repurpose furniture, too. For instance, a wardrobe could easily become a bookcase, once you remove the doors. Or a chair can be transformed if you reupholster it and touch up the woodwork.

New feature wall

If you have a guest room that lacks personality, give it a mini-makeover. It can be transformed by adding a feature wall and a few trinkets and photos to the bedside cabinets. If your guest room is mainly used for kids staying over, why not buy some character wall stickers and a matching throw?