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Garden technology

There’s always something to do in the garden, whatever the time of year. If you love tending the lawn and are eagerly planning what planting you’re going to do in 2019, you may be interested to find out about three ground-breaking gardening gadgets that could save you both time and energy.

Batavia 3-in-1 Electric Garden Weed Killer Hot Air Gun and BBQ Lighter

It looks like it’s a weapon from the latest Star Trek film, but in fact, it’s a gardening tool that can help you say adios to weeds, strip paint and light your BBQ. It’s easy to use, it just needs plugging in, and it has a long telescopic handle so you won’t need to keep bending over – ideal if you have a bad back. Setting 1 reaches 50°C, setting 2 reaches 400°C and setting 3 reaches a sweltering 600°C.

The Batavia 3-in-1 Electric Garden Weed Killer Hot Air Gun and BBQ Lighter costs around £70. The way it destroys weeds in five seconds is extremely impressive and effortless. 

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Did you know?
The 28th March each year is National Weed Appreciation Day. You might hate weeds, but perhaps on this one day a year, try to hold off obliterating every weed in your path.

Hozelock 20 Pot Watering Kit Plus

This is pure magic. It gives you the ability to set the time, frequency and duration you want up to twenty pots in your garden to be watered every day. No longer will you have to walk around with a hose or watering can, it does it for you. Saving you time, effort and water. 

So handy, it can be used to water your borders, hanging baskets, veg patch and greenhouse plants too. It waters plants at their roots and uses drip watering to make sure that no water is wasted. 

The Hozelock 20 Pot Watering Kit Plus costs around £40, but 15 Pot and 25 Pot Watering Kits are also available.  

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Did you know?
The average hosepipe uses 170 litres of water every 10 minutes.[1] This is as much as 19 flushes of a toilet. 

Flymo 1200 R

Even the greenest fingered gardener can grow tired of cutting their grass. If you have a large garden, mowing can take up a great deal of time which could be more wisely spent elsewhere. The Flymo 1200 R is a robotic lawn mower that can mow any area up to a maximum size of 400m². 

You set the times you want it to cut, and it gets on with it, rain or shine. It’ll even take itself to its charging station when it’s running low on power. It cuts little and often in an irregular pattern which promotes healthy grass growth. 

The Flymo 1200 R costs around £600, but it comes with an alarm and other anti-theft features. 

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Did you know?
There’s a museum dedicated to lawnmowers! The British Lawnmower Museum is in Southport, Merseyside.

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