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How to make your car last longer

Whenever we buy a car, we take it as a given that it’ll be with us for many years to come. And all being well, this should be the case.

But upkeep and maintenance are absolutely vital to our cars, their performance on the road, and ultimately how long they’re able to keep going for.

The good news is that regularly carrying out a few checks could prolong the life of your car significantly.

See if you’re on top with the below and, if not, start making changes that can add months and even years to your vehicle’s lifespan.

Change the way you drive

It’s no secret that those sharp accelerations, tight turns and sudden stops are tough on your car.

By changing the way you drive, you can take some of the strain off your vehicle, reducing your fuel consumption and the rate of wear and tear.

Smoother driving and slower transitions are key, so think careful gear changes, lighter presses on the pedals and gentler twists of the steering wheel.

Change your filters

This is one of those common car maintenance tasks that many of us simply neglect to do. Yet it’s super simple to do, and can make a world of difference.

Both your car’s air and oil filters will begin to get clogged up over time, reducing performance and increasing the likelihood that you’ll need repairs. 

These will be checked each time you go in for an M.O.T, but there’s no harm in checking filters and replacing or cleaning them in between. Consult your car’s handbook to find out how to do this, as every make and model will be different. 

Keep your fluids topped up

Another car maintenance staple we tend to get a little lazy with is checking and topping up our fluids. These are the lifeblood of our vehicles, and trying to run it when they’re low could cause some serious damage. 

Every couple of weeks, you should open the bonnet and inspect your engine oil, coolant and water levels. If they’re looking empty, top them up to the recommended levels.

Look out for your tyres

In almost all cases, you’ll say goodbye to your current tyres long before you say goodbye to your vehicle. They’re the part of the car that is intended to take the brunt when it comes to wear and tear, and there’s not a lot you can do about their natural degradation over time. 

But ensuring your tyres are fit for use is essential to preserving your vehicle, as worn tyres will start to cause damage elsewhere. 

You should regularly check the pressure of all four of your tyres using a gauge, as well as inspecting the tread depths – they should be deeper than the outer band of a 20p coin all the way around. 

You’ll also want to think about alignment – does your car feel like it pulls slightly left or right as you drive down straight roads? If in doubt, have your tyres looked at by a professional and replace them when needed. 

Keep it clean

The benefits of making your car sparkle and shine go well beyond those head-turning good looks. Many of us get a little lazy with our car cleaning, but it could be key to prolonging the life of your car. 

When cars go unwashed, grit and grime build up on bodywork and within moving parts of the vehicle. Much of this is corrosive – particularly the likes of rock salt and bird droppings – and will slowly wear away and damage the car. A seasonal lather and rinse with a proper cleaning solution should do the trick and help preserve your vehicle. 

Cut down on your cargo

The more your vehicle weighs, the more work it needs to do to get from A to B. This not only results in reduced fuel economy, but also means that many parts of your car take on additional strain. 

You may not think those toolboxes you’ve kept in the boot for a few months amount to much, but your car will always benefit from you lightening the load where you can. Only store things inside that you really need, when you genuinely need them. 

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