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How does Coronavirus (COVID-19) affect my car insurance?

We know customers are having to adapt to the precautions put in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. If you're an existing Rias customer, we hope these answers to frequently asked questions are helpful.

We'll be updating this page with new information as it becomes available.

Frequently asked questions

If I’m not driving, do I still need car insurance?

If you will be using your vehicle at all, you do need to insure it as a legal requirement under the Road Traffic Act. While you're not using your vehicle, your insurance also covers you for fire, theft, malicious or accidental damage.

If you will not be driving your vehicle, you can contact the DVLA and declare it off the road (this is called a SORN – Statutory Off Road Notification). If you SORN your vehicle, you do not need insurance but will not have any cover for fire, theft or damage, and you will not legally be able to drive your vehicle until it has insurance again. It's important to note that, if you do SORN your vehicle, you cannot store it on public roads, so you'll need a garage, driveway or other non-public road space to store it.

You can learn more about SORN here.

I can’t get an MOT for my car, am I still insured?

Your MOT expiry date will be extended by six months if it is due on or after 30th March 2020. If you will be driving your vehicle, you must keep it safe to drive.

If your MOT date meets the above criteria and your vehicle is otherwise safe to drive, this will not invalidate your insurance.

It should be noted that if your vehicle is taken for an MOT and fails, then the government have advised that the 6-month MOT extension will no longer apply to that vehicle. The vehicle will need to be fixed and pass its MOT before it can be used it again.

More information can be found here.

Do I need to inform you if I’m volunteering to deliver food and medicines to my community?

If you are using your own car for voluntary purposes, to transport medicines or groceries to support others who are impacted by COVID-19, your exisitng cover will not be affected. You do not ned to contact us to update your documents or extend your cover.

This applies to all categories of NHS Volunteer Responders, including transporting patients, equipment or other essential supplies.

I’m a key worker and now travelling to different locations for work, do I need to amend my policy?

If your work is critical to the national response to COVID-19 and you need to drive to different locations for work purposes because of the impact of COVID-19, your exisitng cover will not be affected.

You do not need to contact us to update documents or extend cover. A list of key workers can be found here.

My circumstances have changed and I’m having trouble paying my premiums, can you help?

We know that the precautions in place to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus will have affected some customers' finances. If you purchased your insurance directly with us and are in this situation, we urge you to contact us to see how we can support you.

We might, for example, be able to review cancellation and change or arrange different payment plans if you're unable to meet your insurance repayments.

I’m likely to exceed the mileage quoted on my policy because of the extra travel I’m doing as a result of COVID-19. Will this affect my cover?

If you are using their own vehicle:

  • for voluntary purposes to support others who are impacted by COVID-19; or;
  • because you work in one of the critical sectors listed by the government and need to drive to different locations for work because of the impact of Covid-19.

Then your cover will not be affected. You do not need to contact us to update your policy or extend your cover.

If I have to self-isolate and need someone to drive my car to pick up supplies for me, will they be insured?

If someone else needs to drive your car to pick up supplies while you are self-isolating, we will not provide cover unless the driver is named on your policy.

If the person helping you has ''Driving Other Cars'' cover through their own insurer, they may be able to drive your vehicle. They should check their policy documentation and check with their own insurer to see if this applies.

If I have an accident are you able to repair or pay to replace my car?

We are working hard to keep people moving. Inevitably, there might be delays in sourcing some car parts, but we continue to keep people motoring by repairing their cars and, in cases of total write off, providing cash settlements for customers to purchase a different vehicle.

I can't renew my photocard driving licence, am I still insured and can I still purchase insurance?

Yes. Your photocard driving licence will automatically be given a seven month extension if it is due to expire between 1 February and 31 August 2020. 

So, if you have a valid photocard driving licence and it meets the above criteria, this will not invalidate your current insurance policy and you will still be able to take out a new policy with us. 

Please note, you must remember to renew your photocard driving licence when the extension is due to end. You can find more information here.

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