Home insurance

Home protection from only £27.50 a year

Your home can be vulnerable to all sorts of issues, which can be costly and time consuming to deal with. We’re dedicated to giving you total peace of mind, so when you add home protection to your policy, you get up to £500 – including VAT – of cover for call out, labour, parts and materials.

You can make a claim 24/7 and we're here to help you as quickly as we can.

Our levels of home protection cover

You can choose from two levels of home protection cover, which have been designed to suit your individual needs:

  • Home protection
  • Home protection plus.

Home protection only £27.50

Our home protection gives you cover up to £500, including VAT, for:

  • Plumbing and drainage – damage to your home’s internal plumbing or drainage system, where water damage or flooding is likely to happen inside your home
  • Blocked toilet – where the only available toilet in your home has failed, due to the toilet waste pipes being blocked
  • Water supply pipe – your home’s water supply pipe has burst or been damaged, where water damage or flooding is likely to happen inside your home
  • Electricity supply – if all the electrics inside your home suddenly fail
  • Pest infestation – removal of pests within the home, including nests of rats, mice, squirrels, wasps and hornets
  • Security – your home is vulnerable to break-ins following a failure or damage to your locks, doors or windows.


Home protection plus only £57.50 a year

Our home protection plus gives you up to £500 – including VAT – of cover for the above, as well as partial failure of your electrics and any toilet failure due to the blocked waste pipe failing. It also provides up to £1,000 – including VAT – towards emergency call out and boiler repair, following the break-down of your boiler, or your main heating and hot water fails.

Terms and conditions apply. You can find full details in our policy documents.