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Get your home ready for summer

With just a bit of preparation, you can ensure your house and garden are in tip-top shape, so you can make the most of them during summer.

Here are a few simple things you can do to get your home summer-ready.

Have a walk round

On a nice warm day at the start of summer, take a walk around your house to check for any wear and tear from the winter and spring, and plan what jobs you might need to prioritise. That includes checking and clearing gutters, and having a look to see if your roof is in good condition. However, if there isn’t a safe way for you to do this yourself, you may want to get the roof checked by a tradesperson.

Consider summer security

In the summer, you’ll probably start leaving doors and windows open more often. But if you do, remember to be vigilant for any opportunistic burglars. Keep valuables like jewellery and cash out of reach in a safe or secret compartment. Similarly, don’t leave your keys near your door or windows.

Also, after you’ve been out working in the garden, always put away your garden tools safely, as burglars can use them to smash a window to gain entry.

Watch for pests

Wasps and other summer pests may make nests in guttering, loft spaces and the roof. It pays to keep an eye out for such critters, so you can deal with them before they become a serious problem. See if you can seal up any cracks in the walls or small holes where pests might hide in, if it’s safe to do so.

Get ready for summer barbeques

It’s easy to underestimate how long it takes for barbeque coals to reach the right temperature to cook with and, if you find you forgot to clean the grill at the end of last year’s BBQ season, your feast could be delayed further.

Take the time to clean your barbeque grill well in advance at the start of the summer. You’ll feel pleased as punch for your forethought when it comes to barbeque time. 

Also, remember to keep barbeques well away from fences, foliage and buildings and never leave them unattended. Make sure you keep a bucket of water or hosepipe nearby in case of emergency and put them down fully once you’re done. 


If there is some paintwork around your home that needs patching up, then a warm summer day may be the right opportunity to fix it. If it’s not safe for you to do it yourself, you should arrange for a tradesperson to do it. It’s amazing how a fresh lick of paint can brighten up your house.

Get a clothes line

Weather permitting and space allowing, the start of summer should mean time to give your tumble dryer a holiday and hang your laundry outside to dry. So, if you haven't got a clothesline, now may be the time to buy one and start making the most of it.

Repair or update garden furniture

Your garden furniture may need a bit of TLC, especially if you left it outside over the winter months.  So have a check and take the opportunity to give it a lick of paint or do any repairs necessary.

Keep on top of essential garden jobs

In May and June your essential garden jobs are likely to include planting summer bedding, regularly mowing the lawn, pruning spring-flowering shrubs, weeding and ensuring you shade your greenhouse, when it starts to get warm.

The same goes for any garden equipment and toys like swings. Check it over for any potential dangers such as rusty bolts, and make sure it’s in good condition.

Wash and put away your winter gear

Back in the house, it’s time to put away those winter clothes and winter linen. A warm day is also a great opportunity to wash your duvets, pillows and curtains.

Let the light in 

It may be a bit of a chore and you should only do it if you can safely do so, but cleaning your windows and any glass panels on doors at the start of summer can make a huge difference. The warmer weather also gives you a good opportunity to repair and paint any rotten window frames. 

Get the power washer out

If you have a power washer, give your patio or decking a thorough clean at the start of summer, so you can have the whole season to enjoy your outdoor space at its best. 

Taking these simple steps will help you keep your home in good condition, so you can enjoy it this summer and beyond.

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