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Making a car insurance claim

As a RIAS customer you’ll have access to a UK-based claims service, able to deal with your claim as quickly and efficient as possible. The UK-based call centre is open 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

To get in touch with us to make a car insurance claim contact us on one of the following numbers depending on your circumstances:

For UK car insurance call 0345 125 6850

For EU car insurance call +44124 271 5924

For windscreens call 0845 125 6862

If you’ve added optional extras onto your car insurance policy with us, there are a variety of numbers for you to use:


For Legal Expenses call 0345 841 0019

For Key Protection call 0345 604 1034

For Replacement Car Cover call 0800 183 5464


For Excess Protection:

If your policy started on or after 21st February 2016, please call 0345 415 0483. 

If your policy started before 21st February 2016, please call 0344 571 2716.

When you make a car insurance claim there are a number of steps that will happen: 

Step 1

Please call 0345 125 6850.

Step 2

The claims team will take down all the details of the accident before confirming the next steps to you.

Step 3

The claims team will then liaise with the relevant insurers as well as car hire and personal injury specialists if required.

Step 4

The claim will be settled. If you have Excess Protection and you have paid the excess which can’t be recovered by a third party, you can claim back up to £300. To do this call Auxillis Limited, formerly known as Albany Assistance Limited on either:

0345 415 0483, if your policy started on or after 21st February 2016. 


0344 571 2716, if your policy started before 21st February 2016.


Before you call the car insurance claims team try to make sure you have to hand:

  • Car insurance certificate
  • Car registration number (if you’re at the scene of the crime and don’t have your car insurance certificate to hand)
  • Details of the accident, including:
  • Full details of the other driver / drivers
  • Injuries caused
  • Property damage
  • Witnesses (if there are any)
  • Police officers and report reference numbers
  • Full details of the incident 

When making a car insurance claim, bear in mind our top tips:


  • If you own the vehicle, always give your name and address, those of your insurer and your car insurance policy number to anyone who needs it and has good reason to ask for it.
  • Make sure you report the accident to the police within 24 hours if there is any injury and the details weren’t given at the scene.
  • Understand your policy documents to see if you can use your optional cover included in your policy.


  • Make sure you don’t apologise for an accident, even if you feel it was your fault. It’s really important to not do this as you may not be legally liable for the accident and you could affect your insurer’s ability to act on your behalf if you admit fault (even in passing). It could also affect your “no claim” discount.

If you have any questions regarding your policy review your policy document or get in touch with us.