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Useful tips to keep burglars at bay this winter

Winter can be a burglar’s favourite time of year with dark evenings making it easier to break in without being noticed.

And while burglary is distressing, the good news is that with a few simple steps, you can considerably reduce the risk of being targeted:


1.    Secure your home

If a criminal is deciding which property to break into, they are less likely to choose a house with an obvious, high-quality alarm, or one with well-secured windows and doors. We’ve written a handy list of simple ways to make your home look less of a target. Check out our top home security tips.


2. Get the right locks

Locks come in all shapes and sizes and some work better when it comes to protecting your home. Find out more about the breadth of locks and keys on offer with our interactive visual guide.


3.    Join the Neighborhood Watch

Joining your local neighborhood watch scheme is a great way to increase your safety. It makes the people around you more aware of your home and more likely to raise the alarm should they see a potential burglar snooping about.


4.    Draw your curtains

A well lit-up room may look inviting for your guests, but it also makes it easy for a would-be thief to check out your valuables without even breaking in. So by drawing your curtains on dark evenings, you stop burglars scouting you out as a potential target.


5.    Use your lights

Lighting can be very off-putting to potential thieves. So make sure you use lights as a form of deterrent. And if you don’t get home until long after it’s dark consider setting lights on a timer. 


6.    Don’t leave gifts out

Presents look lovely nestling under a tree but unfortunately thieves think so too. Store them somewhere out of sight. And, while the car can sound like a good place to hide them, it’s unsafe. 

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