Money worries

How we can help

With households across the UK facing increasing pressures with day-to-day bills and expenses, we understand that it can become overwhelming.

We’re here to
help support you and your finances.

With the rising cost of food, energy and living, many of us are feeling the pinch. From mounting debt and staying on top of repayments to a change in circumstances from a break-up or redundancy, there are many factors that can cause money worries.

Whatever the reason, we’re here to help support you to help you get back on top of things.

Third party charity support

Where else can I get help?

If you need additional help or support with your health, wellbeing, or finances, you don’t have to face anything alone. There are numerous charities and organisations you can reach out to.

Get in touch

Get in touch

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, or you’re facing a challenging life event, we’d like to help. Our virtual assistant can put you in touch with a member of our Live Chat team or if you'd rather hear a friendly voice, please call us on 0345 165 5773.