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Do I need insurance if I'm on holiday in the UK?

There are some wonderful places to visit in the UK – from Edinburgh to St Ives. Whether you’re escaping for a weekend, a fortnight or even longer, you might be wondering whether you need travel insurance. The short answer is yes. You might not need cover that’s as in-depth as if you were heading abroad, but you still want to be protected.  That way, you won’t be left out of pocket if something goes wrong.

What does UK travel insurance cover?

The biggest benefit to a UK travel insurance policy is that you’re protected. So, if you have to cancel your holiday or head home early, you should be able to claim – for example if you or a family member becomes ill, you’re made redundant or you’re summoned for jury service.

If you’re visiting the Isle of Man or another outlying island not covered by the NHS, and you have a medical emergency, your insurance policy will cover your flight back to the mainland. You should also be covered by your policy if you miss your train, coach or ferry due to circumstances outside of your control. If your luggage or money is lost or stolen, you’ll be covered, as long as you weren’t negligent. This can be a huge weight off your mind, especially if you’re travelling with valuables.  

Do you need travel insurance on home soil?

You may already have UK travel insurance as part of your home contents cover or bank account, so check your policies first. It’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll still be able to be treated in hospital or seen by a doctor for free, with or without an insurance policy. That said, insurance can save you from the expense of having to pay for accommodation or transport you don’t end up using if you’re forced to cancel.

Our travel insurance ticks off travel both in the UK and abroad. Plus, you can choose a policy that covers either a single trip or multiple trips. We also offer a number of optional extras, including additional golf and winter sports cover. As with all insurance policies, it’s important that you’re upfront and let us know about any pre-existing conditions.

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