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Replacement car cover

For many people today, cars are an essential part of their daily routines. Perhaps you use yours to take your grandchildren to school on certain days each week, to transport you and your friends to social events, for the weekly supermarket shop or for travelling to and from work.

As a car insurance provider, we understand how stressful and worrying it can be if you do not have access to your car – which is where our Replacement Car Cover fits in perfectly.

What is Replacement Car Cover suitable for?

For just £26.50 per year, this optional extra for RIAS’ car insurance customers means that you will be provided with a hire car with up to a 2,000cc engine for a period of up to 21 continuous days if your car:

  • Is stolen and isn’t later recovered and returned to you
  • Is written off after an insured accident that was your fault or where costs can’t be claimed back from a third party
  • Is vandalised or subjected to malicious damage and is deemed as a total loss


RIAS’ comprehensive car insurance provides a free courtesy car while your car is being repaired, but wouldn’t cover the above scenarios. Think of Replacement Car Cover as an extended courtesy car service that would prevent you from becoming significantly inconvenienced if your car was stolen and unrecoverable, deemed an insurance write-off, vandalised or maliciously damaged. Your grandchildren, friends, groceries and colleagues wouldn’t be impacted, Replacement Car Cover keeping you mobile.

The benefits

  • Reassurance, convenience and maintained independence
  • The hire car provided will contain enough fuel to get you started and will have a similar engine size to your own car, up to 2,000cc
  • Our partners even drop the hire car off at any UK registered address to suit your needs, picking it up again in 21 days’ time
  • Replacement Car Cover is available to customers up to and including the age of 83
  • Up to two additional named drivers can also be covered under this optional policy upgrade
  • Gives you plenty of time to find a replacement car, whether new, used or leased


The exclusions

  • All fuel, fares, fines and fees relating to the hire car while you hire it
  • Any further hire charges due after the first twenty one days hire
  • Any claim reported to the provider more than fourteen days after the insured incident
  • Any claim for a hire car more than five days after the insured car has been determined a total loss
  • Any claim not reported to the Police


More information

For full details of RIAS’ Replacement Car Cover, you can refer to our policy wording, or look at the rest of our website for information on the wide range of insurance products we provide.