Driver fitting dash cam to car windscreen
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Don’t come unstuck by the device on your windscreen

New research shows that half of drivers may come unstuck by the position of the device on their windscreen.

Research commissioned by insurance specialist Rias revealed that 50% of drivers surveyed don't know it's illegal to stick a dashboard camera, satellite navigation system or mobile phone inside the area cleared by your windscreen wipers.

According to the UK Road Traffic Act 1988 no part of a device (including the cradle and cables) should intrude more than 10mm in to the area centred on the steering wheel or 40mm in to the area swept by your windscreen wipers. Having devices in these areas when you have an accident may lead to charges of Careless or Dangerous Driving.

And when it comes to moving the device to a safe place, although believed to be firmly attached to their gadgets, young drivers are shown to be the most willing to move their devices to a safe position, however almost half of male drivers surveyed said they would ignore the law and not move their device.

“We know that the majority of drivers aged over 35 do not have their devices professionally installed and therefore are more likely to have them in the wrong position. There has been a significant rise in the use of Dash Cams over the last two years, a likely consequence of disputed liability when involved in an accident. However if these devices are interfering with your view of the road they could be the reason why you have to make a claim rather than your salvation.”

said Adam Clarke, Chief Underwriting Officer, Ageas UK.

 “As you head out for Easter with your family please don’t come unstuck by the device on your windscreen, move it to a safe location so you can clearly see the risks on the road” Adam added.

Advice on where to locate your device on your windscreen can be found at;