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Cruise around the world in style with the extra protection our cruise cover can offer.

What's included?

  • Scheduled port visit cancellation cover up to £1,000 (£100 per port), with Rias Platinum Travel insurance, due to adverse weather or timetable restrictions and no alternative port can be offered. 
  • Cabin confinement cover up to £500, in case of illness or injury.
  • Unused pre-paid excursions cover up to £750, if you are unable to participate as a result of your cabin confinement.

What's not covered?

Any amount which you can get back from somewhere else, in case of an unused excursion. e.g.

  • If the cruise is cancelled and the cruise company should refund then no cover.
  • If you miss the cruise and these costs are covered elsewhere, then no cover.
  • Missed port if you are offered compensation, drinks vouchers, onboard credit etc then no cover.

For full details on benefits and exclusions, please see our policy wording.

Benefits by cover level*

 Benefit Rias Silver
Travel Insurance
Rias Gold
Travel Insurance
Rias Platinum Travel Insurance
Missed port departure £50 per port, up to £500 £75 per port, up to £750 £100 per port, up to £1,000
Cabin confinement Daily benefit (Per 24 hours) £50 £75 £100
Maximum payment £250 £375 £500
Unused excursions £300 £500 £750

*Cover limits on the table show the most that can be claimed and apply to each insured trip separately.