Travel insurance

Golf Cover

Shape your cover

Extend your travel insurance to get some extra cover during your golf getaways.

What's included?

  • Lost, stolen or damaged equipment up to £2,000.
  • Pre-paid green fees up to £500, if you are unable to play at a pre-booked course due to either your falling ill or being injured during the period of insurance, or due to adverse weather conditions.

What's not covered?

  • Loss, theft or damage to your golf equipment during your outward or return journey, if you do not get written proof that you have reported the incident.
  • Any amount that you can get back from someone or somewhere else.
  • Damage & loss to equipment left in a vehicle if it is not locked out of sight in a secure baggage area (dashboard, boot or luggage compartment, fixed storage unit of a motorised or towed caravan, locked luggage box) and entry has been gained by unauthorised access.

For full details on benefits and exclusions, please see our policy wording.

Benefits by cover level*

 Benefit Rias Silver
Travel Insurance
Rias Gold
Travel Insurance
Rias Platinum Travel Insurance
Golf equipment £1,000 £1,500 £2,000
Golf equipment hire Daily benefit
(Per 24 hours)
£50 £50 £50
Maximum payment £450 £450 £500
Green fees Daily benefit
(Per 24 hours)
£40 £40 £50
Maximum payment £200 £200 £500

*Cover limits on the table show the most that can be claimed and apply to each insured trip separately.