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We have again been awarded the highest 5 Star Rating by independent financial researcher Defaqto, for our excellent cover and benefits.

Car insurance FAQs

Read our most frequently asked car insurance questions.

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Three reasons to choose RIAS

  • Uninsured driver promise** so you won’t lose your no claims discount if hit by an uninsured driver.
  • Courtesy car included as standard when your vehicle is being repaired by an approved repairer.
  • 5 Star rated cover and benefits as awarded by independent financial researcher Defaqto.

Comprehensive cover as standard

  • Courtesy car as standard. Whilst yours is being repaired by an approved repairer.
  • Specialist advisors in UK call centres.
  • 24/7 access to a UK-based claims service that’s available 365 days a year


Optional extras

  • Lock

    Excess ProtectionWhen you make a claim on your car insurance normally you’ll pay an excess. With this optional protection you can be reimbursed up to a maximum of £300 per claim.

  • Truck

    Round the clock breakdown coverWe offer three distinct levels of cover, Roadside Assistance, Comprehensive Gold and Total Protection, all with 24/7 rapid repair and recovery to the nearest garage, 365 days a year.



Please note that exclusions and limitations apply to RIAS Car Insurance. Go to the policy documentation page to download the policy summary and booklet.

What am I covered for?Comprehensive 

Liabilities to third parties

If you cause damage to someone or something with your car, then you may have incurred a legal liability to someone else and they may have a right to make a claim for compensation against you. E.g. someone is injured in an accident that you have caused.

Using your car in the EU

You will be covered for your legal liability to others while you (or any driver covered by this policy) are using the car:

  • Within the European Union
  • In any other country which has agreed to follow Article 7(2) of the EU Directive on Insurance of Civil Liberties arising from the use of motor vehicles (number 72/166/EEC).

Driving a car that does not belong to you

Cover will be third party only and applies only if shown on your Certificate of Motor Insurance (conditions apply). You will be covered for using a car not belonging to you and not hired to you under a hire-purchase agreement or leased to you under a leasing agreement.


Fire or theft damage to your own car

You will be covered for loss of (or damage to) the car caused by fire, theft or attempted theft.


Audio, navigation and entertainment equipment

You will be covered for the cost of replacing or repairing the car’s audio, navigation and entertainment equipment.


Accidental damage to your own car

You will be covered for damage to the car caused by accidental damage.


Personal belongings

You will be covered for personal belongings in the car that are lost or damaged following an accident, fire or theft involving the car. You are covered for the cost of the item, less an amount for wear and tear and loss of value.


Broken windscreen and window glass

You will be covered for the cost of repairing or replacing the windscreen or any window glass in the car broken during the period of insurance and the cost of any repair to the bodywork that has been damaged by broken glass from the windscreen or windows. If you phone the windscreen claim number shown in your car insurance policy booklet and use one of the chosen glass companies, cover is unlimited. If you do not, the most your insurer will pay under this section is £100 (after taking off any excess).

Please note: A claim under this section only will not affect your “no claim” discount.


Get-you-home service

We will reimburse you for transport costs incurred to get you and your passengers home or to your planned destination, up to £150 for each person (£400 in total).


Courtesy car whilst your car is being repaired

To keep you on the road, your insurer will offer you a small courtesy car, free of charge, while the car is being repaired by one of their approved repairers. This only applies if the incident takes place in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.


Disposing of your car if it can’t be repaired

If your car cannot be economically repaired or is a total loss, your insurer will offer you a settlement amount within one week of the date they receive the engineer’s report.


Personal accident

The following people will be covered for personal accident:

  • You in the car (or any other car that you do not own)
  • Your husband, wife or civil partner in the car (or any other car that you do not own)
  • Any other passenger in the car insured on your policy only, as long as there is a passenger seat for that person.

Please refer to your car insurance policy booklet for full details.


Medical expenses

If you or anyone in the car is injured in an accident involving the car, your insurer will pay up to £300 in medical expenses for each injured person.


Replacement locks

If the keys, lock transmitter or entry card for a keyless entry system of the car are lost or stolen, your insurer will pay up to £500 towards the cost of replacing:

  • All entry locks that can be opened by the missing item
  • The lock transmitter, entry card and central locking system
  • The ignition and steering lock as long as they are satisfied that any person who may have your keys, transmitter or card, knows the identity or garage address of the car.

Your insurer will also pay the reasonable cost of protecting the car, transporting it to the nearest repairers when necessary and delivering it after repair to your address.



We arrange a number of helpline services for you, providing FREE advice and a range of useful information to all RIAS Car Insurance customers. Helplines include:

  • European legal helplines e.g. If you have a car accident whilst driving in Europe
  • UK tax helpline

Child car seat

If your insurer is paying for the loss of, or damage to your car and you have a child car seat fitted, they will also cover the cost of replacing the child car seat with a new one of the same or similar model and standard.

Optional extrasComprehensive

Legal Expenses

You will have access to a range of legal services designed to help you if the accident was not your fault and:

  • You or your passengers have suffered a personal injury
  • You have incurred losses you are not insured for
  • You are seeking compensation for damage to your belongings

You can also access legal services to help you in the following situations:

  • You have received a motoring offence that has resulted in legal action
  • You are involved in a dispute when buying or selling your car
  • Your vehicle’s identity is stolen and you are involved in civil or criminal proceedings
  • You are involved in a dispute about incorrect information on the Motor Insurance Database

Find out more.

Excess Protection

This cover is designed to provide reimbursement of your excess in the event of a fault incident. Find out more.

Replacement Car cover

This insurance provides you with a hire car for up to 21 days, where recovery cannot be made from a third party. Alternatively in the event a hire car cannot be provided, a one-off payment of £150 can be arranged. Find out more.

Key Protection

Claim up to £1,500 (including VAT) towards lock and key replacements and onward transportation in the event of lost or stolen vehicle, home, and/or office keys. Find out more.

Breakdown Cover

If you suffer an unexpected vehicle breakdown on the road, our breakdown cover can ensure that you have access to the help you need when you need it. Find out more.

Cover LevelComprehensive

Voluntary excess

You can choose your excess, from £0 to £250. Please note, compulsory excesses also apply. 

£0 - £250

Broken windscreen excess

There is a £60 policy  excess for claims to replace broken windscreen and window glass.


Windscreen repair excess

There is no excess so long as they are carried out by an approved repairer  (otherwise an excess of £15 will be charged).

No excess or £15 depending on repairer

Personal accident access

There is no excess to pay for personal accident claims.

No excess

Medical expenses excess

There is no excess to pay for personal accident claims.

No excess

Personal belongings excess

There is no excess to pay for personal accident claims.

No excess
Table key
Yes Cover included (subject to policy limit and excesses)
Available as an optional extra, for an additional premium
Not available for this level of cover

*Providing the accident was not your fault, you will not lose your no claims discount or have to pay an excess if hit by an uninsured driver.  However, we will need the make, model and registration number of the uninsured vehicle.”