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pothole on country road

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

How to report a pothole

Most UK drivers are aware of the large number of potholes facing our streets, and the issues and damage they can cause to our cars. In fact, potholes seem to be a widespread problem on British roads, but reporting a pothole is relatively straightforward and shouldn’t take you too long.

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Older lady speaking on the phone

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

How to protect yourself from telephone scammers

Unexpected calls are a part of everyday life. Companies will contact you for a variety of reasons, from trying to sell you things to conducting surveys. Sometimes you’ll receive a call at the most inconvenient time and, in a distracted moment, you’ve fallen for a scam.

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lady in drivers seat smiling at camera

Wednesday, 02 October 2019

Car insurance guide for experienced drivers

If you’ve been on the road for many years, you’d expect your car insurance policy to look a little different by now, and reasonably so. In fact, insurers take into account experience when deciding what they can offer their customers. If you’re wondering what that means for you, read on and we’ll tell you.

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family and dog in red car

Monday, 30 September 2019

How to choose the right car for each stage of your life

Whether you’ve been on the road 4 days or 40 years, choosing a new car doesn’t get any easier. It’s a big decision, after all. The vehicle you buy will be one of the biggest investments you’ll make, and it’s one you’re likely to live with for many years, so it’s important you get it right.

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Older man driving car

Friday, 20 September 2019

Learning to drive later in life

Learning to drive can be a nerve-wracking experience at any age, but doing so later in life can be a particularly daunting prospect. It’s easy to convince yourself that it’s too late to pick up and master a whole new set of skills. The good news is learning to drive later in life is more common than you might think.

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Two women talking on a cream sofa

Thursday, 08 August 2019

A guide to home insurance with lodgers

Letting out a spare room can be an excellent idea if you’re looking to bring in some extra cash or would simply like some company. Read on and we’ll tell you all you need to know about keeping your home covered when your circumstances change.

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